Awesome Nerdy Mini Fridges

We’ve had this mini fridge, which I got from my dad, for many years. It’s a standard multi-purpose fridge which also has the option to heat up its contents. This particular one was designed for a snus company (some kind of very typical Swedish tobacco, please don’t use any kind of tobacco readers).

Anyhow, we stopped using it as everything it contained smelled like snus, and that’s a nasty smell. We put it in storage to remove the smell and forgot it there. Then I started to think of how my future Gamer Room, or Man Cave, if you will, would look like. I was reminded of this one for my future thirst quenching needs while gaming with my bro and homies, and it was still available for my taking, but a few problems remained:

1) It wasn’t a Video Game themed fridge.

2)  I didn’t want to advertise for snus.

3)  I wanted a white fridge.

bild 1 (1)

The fridge with the transparent door covered up, ready for spray painting.

bild 1

I had to make some rudimentary cover for the balcony as not to cover it with white paint. Also there was a slight drizzle falling on the fridge as rain was puring outside, hence the wicked umbrella.

bild 2

The newspaper covering the fridge removed. The white color really compliments the design in my opinion.

bild 3

The back was colored really nice as well. 

bild 4

Inside we (me and my dad) had covered the fan compartment with some tape to prevent spray paint to enter the sensitive electronics inside.

bild 5

And here it is! The fridge in all its completed glory! I put some custom stickers on, and while you can’t see it the right side has the Gameboy Color logo, and I plan on ordering something for the left side as well, but that’s a project for the future.


This is a fridge which the guy behind customized.

This is also a tobacco fridge, presumably a snus one, which he simply customized by swapping the tobacco inserts for  parts of a Dragonball poster which he had at home. That’s incredibly clever!

bild 1 (2)

One of the sides of the fridge.

bild 2

The other side, sweet!

bild 3

And this fridge not only looks awesome, it lights up inside as well! That’s magnificently delightful! Great job!


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