300th post… sort of!


This is actually my 312th post, feel free to correct me by counting each and every one of them if you want to (though my number is quite accurate as I got it from my stats page).

That’s quite impressive I guess, though far from all of my posts are as in-depth as I’d like, since I need to have time to play video games too!

This image is compiled by me using this image.

And an update on my amount of followers. In May 6th I thanked my 50 followers in “One Year and Still Tickin’!”  Today I have a total of 132 followers. Thanks guys and gals!

I really try to read all my follower’s work but there’s simply not enough time to read 132 blogs and I apologize if I haven’t liked or commented on all your blogs, but I do stop by from time to time to most of them and take a peek at what’s up.

tumblr_mkyt6xMQks1qaogpdo1_400 (1)

Be sure to visit the blogs that are under my Recommendations tab, it’s a work in progress and a way to recommend good stuff for those like me who don’t have that much time to look for great things to read.


Please reply for all the Oddities in the World!

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