Game Hunting: Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

bild 1 (33)

This one my pal at RetrospelsBloggen found for me, actually at a Game store, and complete in box! I got it for 12 £, which is a really good deal over here.

It’s a delight to play and there’s an odd feeling I get about shooting down these stereotypes. You play as some bad ass cowboy that’s on his way to kill the Wingates, whatever they’re supposed to be, I haven’t really put a lot of attention to the story to be honest.

bild 2

A photo from my flatscreen TV, the picture is decent but a bit smudged out as the new TV’s fill out the scanlines with a lot of extra stuff giving blocky and smeary graphics at times. 

bild 3

The first level has you shooting down stereotypical caucasian cowboys, or “gringos” if you will.

bild 1

The second guy is a stereotypical dark skinned man, but his henchmen are recycled from the last stage.

bild 4

Gunned him down. Was he really a bad guy? We will never know. I gunned him down before asking.

bild 5And here’s the stereotypical native American, the boss of the 3rd level, which I haven’t been able to pass. I’m sorry for the suboptimal photo. His henchmen are all native American in their style.

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