Game Hunting: Eye See Tamagotchi’s Crossing Legends

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I bought this from a guy from the Swedish equivalent of Craigslist complete in box and in tip top shape. This is a more advanced version of the smaller original Tamagotchi which one could buy for more than 10 years ago, and it’s actually a pretty fun game. I already bought it in the US, but this one was CIB! As a Gameboy collector (with no intentions of ever owning a complete set) I had to go for this one.

This is what I wrote about it back in September last year:

I always wanted this game in the midst of the Tamagotchi craze and now I’ve got it. It’s basically Tamagotchi, but with a save function (no more Tamagotchi leaving you because of neglect when the teacher takes it away from you for playing it during the class) and that’s a great plus. The downside is that you’ll need to have your Gameboy on when waiting for the lil’ bastard to sleep. On a sidenote I never owned a Tamagotchi, I had a clone called My Little Puppy. It had four buttons as opposed to one. I remember it making the game being much easier. My brother had a genuine Tamagotchi though, his cost roughly 25$ at the time and mine only 20$, and since I’d bought more crap for my allowance and been set back 5 dollars I couldn’t afford the more imaginative original. While his could grow and metamorphose into a different creature depending on whether you treated it well or not, mine remained a dog throughout the game. But it had an extra button!  By the way, remember that awesome Tamagotchi song that was played to death on the radio? Got it stuck in your head now? Mission accomplished! 3$.

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Final Fantasy Legend:

I bought this from the same dude as mentioned above, and this is a near mint condition copy of the game. Considering what the game goes for over here it’s a steal, and the dude even told me that a lot of people had asked for the game. But since I was first he was kind enough to let me have it- and I really appreciate such honesty.

I’m looking forward to play this gem, which also goes by the name Makai Toushi SaGa in Japan. While not a true part of the Final Fantasy series, this game has been praised as has the rest of the entries in the so called SaGa series.

The cover really tells of a legend unfolding right on your dark sickly-green monochrome brick Gameboy Dot Matrix screen. That’s magical.

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Animal Crossing:

This is the first Animal Crossing game ever made. Originally ambitiously created for the N64, it was postponed to be released on the Gamecube instead, which also explains the kind of dated N64 graphics which has given the series its charm.

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I got this NTSC version by the same dude described above, for a great deal considering it contains all inlets and the exclusive Animal Crossing Memory Card, which many copies are missing. I got the NTSC version since the PAL ones were much more expensive, also it really doesn’t matter which one you’ve got if you already have a Freeloader.

This one will be real fun to play. I’ve been told one will be stuck in the game 24/7 after starting it, so I’ll save it for a holiday.

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Playstation 2 Eye Toy:

I quickly found out that Police 24/7, which I wrote about here, would be much more enjoyable with a Eye Toy, so I got one for 1£, shipping included, from Tradera. That’s rad, and this one was in a very good condition.


2 thoughts on “Game Hunting: Eye See Tamagotchi’s Crossing Legends

    • Those were really cool! I remember the first Tamagotchi-esque devices that I saw to be ones where you bred dinosaurs and made them battle through infrared ports on the side of the device. Those are actually what made me seeking what Pokémon later would have to offer, and what subsequently made me a fan of the series as a whole.


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