Now Playing: Winning over Puzzling Fighters

These are images from when I was playing some older games on my small flatscreen TV- I use it when I want to have the TV on in the background while gaming, but when I want to really concentrate on my gaming I use my new United CRT TV (well, it’s not really new, it’s my wife’s old one we found in her parents’ storage room) which views my older consoles very well, especially the NES and N64 systems.

Here’s Pokémon Puzzle League on the N64 with our significantly larger flatscreen in the background (where Homer is visiting a Gay Club).

bild 9

Here I’m battling Mewtwo in Super Hard mode, while Gary is very much possible to beat nowadays Mewtwo isn’t. I managed to get a Draw but that meant that I had to fight Gary again, basically Mewtwo remained the Champion, and that’s sad.

You know what’s Super Hard though? A Metapod using Harden until its maximum capacity. That dude can crush a Pinsir’s horns badly.


This is my highscore from the awesome game Winning which I wrote about here. I’m number one with the insane score of 8,493,482!! Yay me!

There’s a David which boasts a score of 12 billion though. And there are a lot of people with over 32 million as well, and even though those scores dwarf mine I’ll still remember this picture with something that resembles pride (’cause being proud of something like this… is it OK? Am I allowed to gloat?).

Then I played some Capcom vs SNK 2 which is a really good fighting game.

I used this dude, Ryuji Yamazaki, a girly one and Ken, and Ryuji truly is a delinquient in the flesh. Youtube his fighting style and you’ll see. No, forget it, I’ll show you myself:

And read what he’s saying! “I said lick my shoes clean!!” He’s scary as hell!


I finished the Arcade mode mainly due to Ken but Yamazuki helped out some too, but Benimaru, the girly dude, wasn’t that good at all. Not my kind of fighter.

Aaw, Yamazaki seems a little bit shy.


OMG I’m dead. I’ll lick your shoes!!

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