Game Hunting: Hogan’s Snowboarding in my House

As you’ve noticed I don’t include prices anymore in my Retro Games Hunt posts- that’s mainly because of inconvenience from my part, but also since most of my followers seem to be from the US and aren’t interested in the prices in British Pounds.

This is not what I got for Christmas 2013, a separate post will follow, but are stuff I never got around posting about last year. Anyhow, I bought these games in the same store:

bild 3

The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return:

This is a rail shooter in the more classic House of the Dead style from the arcades, only this contains 2 games in 1. I’ve played this game before and it’s good. Well, as good as shooting zombies in the face can get. That’s…that’s good. Really good, yeah.

Now I will get to use my GameWare Wii Gun peripheral, which feels amazing.

bild 4

Snowboard Kids:

This is a really fun game for the N64, which I have been looking forward to playing. I remember playing it at some people’s place who we were visiting over the weekend, and there was this kid going on all about how he was “visible” and stuff in the game. Anyhow, this game is nostalgia for me, thus it fell right in my bag and into my collection (well, after a money transaction was made of course).
bild 5

Hogan’s Alley:

Another game that I always have wanted to own, and now one that I have in my collection. Other than Duck Hunt, I have Hogan’s Alley, Wild Gunman and Trick Shooting on my list of must have Zapper games, and now that I have an obese CRT TV I can play these to my hearts content.

Next up: My Christmas loot!!

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