Game Hunting: My Christmas Constellate 2013

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NES Zapper:

This is a regular Zapper which works very well and responds as if new. Trivia: The first ones were more realistic and grey-ish in color, that was changed into these re-released ones who gave off a less realistic look with their orange color. Now I’ve been able to play my Zapper games on my CRT TV. Now don’t worry, I got some new current gen games further down the page, it wasn’t all retro this year!

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Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt:

This is the European version of the same game I bought in the US, in other words I’ve got two of these games. This one came with the Zapper and together they made up a favorable price, so my wife bought it for me anyways. Also I prefer these European covers, who incidentally usually are the same as the Japanese ones, as they give that nostalgic feeling more readily. Another thing to note is that the music runs more slower on my European NES, and if you’re playing a familiar game that means that there’s a great risk that it bugs you, especially with iconic music and such. The game itself runs as fast as what’s normal, as opposed to my NTSC version of Punch Out!!, which runs slower in both ways. Conversely PAL games run way too fast on NTSC systems for the most parts…

bild 3

Barker Bill’s Trick Shooting:

Based on a show which contained a cardboard cutout Barker Bill who presented cartoon shows, this game is a light gun game which has nothing much in common with it’s namesake other than containing Barker Bill himself (at least according to Wikipedia). Supposedly it was the first show to broadcast cartoons, who previously were shown in cinemas and such. One more famous cartoon was Mighty Mouse, which many of us should recognize in some way or other.

Anyhow, other than being a Zapper game, this game is known for being the only one game other than Vs. Duck Hunt, where you can legitimately shoot the Duck Hunt dog fair and square. That’s gold.

Here’s a fanmade video to satisfy your Duck Hunt Dog shooting needs:

bild 4

Pokémon X:

Man I’m stoked about this game!! It’s going to be radically awesome to play through! I like most of the new pokémon designs actually, though some will always look silly. This one was a total surprise!

I chose X since:

1) X is a much cooler letter than Y

2) Just look at those marvellous antlers. Just like deadly rainbows.

And the inclusion of the Fairy really mixes up the game really well, with both new and old Pokémon gaining the type.

bild 5

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds:

This one was also a total surprise! So far one of the best LoZ games I’ve played so far, and surely even better than Minish Cap. The ability to merge into the walls as a painting is a really good mechanic that adds to a lot of innovative gameplay. While it’s a Zelda game in its essence it still manages to bring a lot of new elements to the table. Just like A Link to the Past, this one also manages to present a really clever title, with Link meaning both the name of the hero and the word link. That’s really clever!

bild 6

Mushroom 3DS Earplugs:

These are simply regular 3,5 mm earplugs, with a clever design. They give a good sound and seal off surrounding noises pretty well. Also they make me Cool and Responsible,. If you don’t believe me, read the packaging. That’s right.

Cool and responsible.

bild 7

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Nintendo DS case:

I don’t own this game yet but I got the case anyways! I don’t get why they call them explicitely “DS Lite” or “3DS” cases as they hold all the systems very well regardless, unless you have those bigger versions. It’s one of the finest cases that I own and has hands down the best cartridge slot for both regular DS and 3DS cartridges. It also managed to look even better out of the box!

bild 8

3,8 mm Gamebit:

I already had a bigger 4,5 mm Gamebit for consoles, along with the Samurai set that I got, but the only thing missing was one for the game cartridges, such as my NES and Gameboy games. Now I can finally change the batteries of my Links Adventure game, and try to diagnose why my Mendel Palace cart freezes after the level select stage.

Other gifts:

I also got 2 hand drawn video game themed paintings from my brother, and 1 non-VG themed one, some really nice serving plates and some One Piece mangas. That’s really nice!

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