Unlikely Versus No. 8

Baloo vs Baloo

Their shared background:

They’re both different versions of the same bear, to avoid confusion we’ll call the original “Djungle Book” Baloo and the newer version “Talespin” Baloo.  They’re different enough to warrant their own Unlikely Versus!

Their strengths:

Jungle Book Baloo: He’s a very strong bear, and stupid to the point of bravery (though he’s scared of Shere Khan which he should be able to take on). As evidenced by his tutelage of the young unrefined Mowgli, he knows another thing or two about brawling, and easily can send him hurtling into the wall with just a light tap to the head. Imagine what Mowgli would’ve looked like if he’d used full force! Bagheera would’ve met a horrible sight. Also he has claws to use as a means of attack.

Talespin Baloo: He’s got a plane but we can’t have him use that, otherwise this’d been to easy, even considering he never mounted machine guns at the front to fight off the Pirates (though that’d be really neat). Other than that he can hold his own brawling, though his strength has been nerfed when compared to his original incarnation. Instead he has brains to use against his original, using tools against him, as he’s been able to defeat weapon-wielding opponents with his adventuring skills.

Their weaknesses:

Jungle Book Baloo isn’t that smart, even though his heart is in the right place. He’s basically a gullible dunce, and could easily be fooled or tricked by his opponents.

Talespin Baloo lacks raw power and claws, which puts him in disadvantage against a wild bear (who probably also has had to fend off a lot of wild animals before). It’s not sure that his experience fighting off Pirates would come in handy against a bear, but then again there are Pirates that are as stupid that he’s defeated over and over again.


This one isn’t that easy to judge as these Baloos are similar yet different versions of each other. While Jungle Book Baloo has brawns, sharp claws and brawling techniques, Talespin Baloo has brains, experience fighting bigger guys and opposable thumbs. Even if in the Jungle I’d guess Talespin Baloo would’ve been able to defeat his Jungle Book counterpart with brains, like through throwing big rocks at his head, and in a city there would be no contest. But in an all-out brawl in a setting where tools aren’t available Jungle Book would’ve won over Talespin no doubt. Considering most settings available though, I’d actually  have to conclude that:

Talespin Baloo emerges as the winner!

Now what do you think?

Images compiled by yours truly using images from: disney.wikia.com and http://www.tribemagazine.com/


2 thoughts on “Unlikely Versus No. 8

  1. Jungle Book Baloo is a wild beast who acts on natural instincts, whilst Tale Spin Baloo is a civilised and pacifistic indidivual. Jugle Book Baloo would maul Tale Spin Baloo into smithereens.


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