Video Game Adventures in the US: Hunting in Vegas

While in Vegas, as I mentioned several months ago, we went video game hunting. I remember I said a follow up post about the stores would follow, and I can see that this post might already be way  overdue, but let’s do this anyways! You already know what I bought during that trip (if not, follow the link above to find out!) so I’ll just show some pretty pictures of the store and some descriptions and stuff.

Maybe stores like these are common for you guys in the States or the UK, but over here they’re few and far between. Mainly it was the selection that impressed me, not to mention the lower pricing. Over here the national selection and sales naturally were lower due to the low population, which in its turn increases the overall price of some games. While some games that sell for 5 $ in the US can be found for 10$ over here, it’s way more common for such a game to be priced 3-5 times that price just because the seller can.  Usually most NES games range between an average of 15-25 dollars over here, and that’s insane.That also explains why a price tag of 10-15 $ is considered good for an average game, as that amount translates to considerably less in the US. Also, if you have unlocked your NES, UK PAL games are a great source of collecting as they play flawlessly and cost less than in Sweden (if you’re not a SCN-ophiliac that is!).

A Gamer’s Paradise – South Shore


I have never seen such a collection of games elsewhere. For me, that’s impressive.


They offered a lot of consoles and game guides, and even a NES Top Loader. I didn’t inquire about the price though as I simply didn’t notice it until I saw this picture. I was simply that extatic.

USA 10


Lots of boxed goodies in good condition at the top and two demo stands, one for the N64 and one for the XBox. I haven’t seen many of these stands “in the wild” over here as you usually have to know people or attend conventions to get them. If I’d ever find one for a favorable price I’d get it, but the problem usually is shipping, as even if found for a good price on the net or any other place, you have to pick them up.


Game World

USA 17

First thing that struck me upon entering the store was the biggest supply of NES games I’d ever seen, and the prices were pretty good too.

USA 18

That’s the Mega Man Anniversary Collection I got! My brother bought a few more titles though.

USA 29

They kept the NES games in high demand behind glass, but they had a few for a good price which we bought, like Super Mario Bros. 2 and Zelda II: Link’s Adventure.

USA 25

USA 36

A general overview of the store with its tons of games and merchandise.

  USA 34

A list of all “Most Wanted” games for each system that the store was looking for. It’s self-explanatory as why they’re on the list, but I’m surprised why Wild Guns isn’t on the list, probably they’re aiming for more common items that sell more readily with this list.

USA 37

A detail of the art outside of the store windows. Pretty neat, huh?


8 thoughts on “Video Game Adventures in the US: Hunting in Vegas

    • They weren’t in the strip or downtown, and you pretty much need a car to get there, so I guess it’s easy to miss if you don’t Google around beforehand. We did search a little before going there, otherwise we’d miss out on those stores as well.


  1. These places look amazing, wow. I wish there were places like this in the UK – there are very few shops that sell retro games here, and even those that do are very small, quiet affairs – nowhere near as tidy and professional looking either.


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