Little Mac Over The Years

little mac copy

Little Mac sure has changed in appearance throughout the years!

In his 80’s debut in the Punch Out!! Arcade game, where he simply was called “Arcade Boxer”, he looks like a man past his prime, probably 40-ish, who also is experiencing a mid-life crisis as is evident with his clearly green hair. Probably he’s a smoker as well judging by his skin. He sure does look buff though!

He got his full name in the 1984 title Punch Out!! for the Nintendo Entertainment System since he, unlike his previous version, wasn’t transparent due to the new hardware’s restrictions, and had to be shrunk to show the opponents, hence Little Mac. The “Mac” in his name is from unknown origins, and some speculate it derives from “Big Mac”, though this theory lacks a valid source. This classic game is the one most fans started their fandom through.

Then he starred in Super Punch Out!! for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System where he got a complete makeover and now has blonde hair and looks more buff when compared to his former small build. Now the only thing Little about him might be his height… though the Little in the name might point to something else that’s Flyweight, and I mean Down Under. That’s what ‘roids do to ya.

His next appearance was as a playable character in Fight Night Round 2 for the Gamecube, as it seems as an exclusive character, in 2005. While he didn’t get his own game he once again sported his 1994 design from Super Punch Out!! and had also a scary look with his eerie huge cartoony eyes to scare his opponents into submission.

The next time we got the pleasure to look at Little Mac’s visage was in no other game than Super Smash Bros. Brawl in 2008, for the Wii, where he acts as a trophy character that punches your foes and frequently falls off screen. Still no L-Mac exclusive game though, until…

…we finally got Punch Out!! for the Wii in 2009. Here you can use an analog controller or the regular Wii controller and Nunchuck to beat the opponents up. Also you can play as Giga Mac for the first time against a friend.

little big mac copy

6 thoughts on “Little Mac Over The Years

  1. I remember playing the arcade version of PunchOUT! in the hotel lobby while on vacation with my parents. I loved the it would call your punches….”body blow, body blow, uppercut!” 🙂


  2. The green hairedBoxer from the arcade game isn’t Little Mac, he’s an avatar for the player, and Nintendo has never stated he’s Little Mac who hadn’t been invented yet.

    The Super Punch Out Protagonist is more unclear as some Non-Japanese sources claim he’s Little Mac, I lean towarrds no personally.

    Also there is a Super Punch Out at Santa Cruz boardwalk, hell yeah!


    • Ah! I didn’t know that! Then I’ll call the arcade boxer “Green Cigarillo” and the SNES one Backstreet Boy. 😀

      That’s neat, being able to play Super Punch Out at the boardwalk, gotta check it out if I travel there.

      Fight Night Round 2 for the GCN includes a playable version of Super Punch Out as well as “Mac” (The Backstreet Boy), so I think I’ll pick that one up!


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