Game Hunting: Walking with the Dead

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The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct:

This isn’t Retro, but as I’ve said before it’s too late to change the title!

The one that actually spotted this game was my wife… for 20 dollars below the lowest retail price! Brand new!!

We decided to get this one and it starts out very well and includes all elements that makes the TV show a good one. I really enjoy the game and it’s great when we want to get a kick gaming. There’s nothing that beats fighting zombies with nothing but a hammer or a knife (since gunshots will draw them to you). And the panic you feel when your’re turning on the generator to operate the gas pump to refill your vehicle, and it suddenly gives off a high noise and you know there’ll be a horde of zombies around you any moment… it really reflects off the show very well in those moments. And there’s also the factor that you have to strategize and hoarde HP items as you’ll run out of them very soon otherwise.

I give this game a huge:


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