Dear Nintendo 64

Dear Nintendo 64,

You really knew how to score.

You were an impeccable console,

you played a pivotal role,

in making the  3D platformer genre whole.

You had the best game library,

though your carts were low on memory.

You offered a lot of quality games,

many which are still well-known names,

With game posters still walled up in their frames.

Dear Nintendo 64,

The Playstation One ripped you a new hole.

It sold better and had more space on its discs,

cut off Nintendo’s pretty whisks,

Showed you why still using cartridges were a huge risk.

Still you managed to stand proud and steady,

Had exclusive Nintendo games at the ready,

Introduced the analog joystick,

the Rumble Pack which was really thick,

And the console’s design ever so slick.

Dear Nintendo 64,

You made fun even the most tedious chores,

such as collecting Cuckoo’s and fishing with Link,

fighting off Pokémon and recovering with a Milk Drink,

Smashing Bowser and releasing Bow Bow’s from his chain and link.

You were and still are among the best,

your quality games every day put to time’s test,

Gamer’s open up their gaming chests,

having themselves a jolly good fest,

never putting their console to it’s rest.




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Pokémon Progress: The X Factor

I know I never updated my final team in Pokémon White and Pokémon White 2, I’ll do that eventually as one of my upcoming Pokémon-themed posts just for your knowledge and to quench your curiosity.

To kick things off this is what my character looks like, it’s as you can see based off the early wardrobe available in the game and my liking of the more classic trainer design that more readily conforms to natural clothing worn during trekking and such:


Right now I’ve beat the 5 first Gyms effortlessly and since there’s a new Exp. Share system the game is pretty much a breeze at this point, and I love how you gain experience even after catching new Pokémon. That’s a mechanic I’ve always wanted in the games as they seem the most natural, how can you not gain experience battling if you don’t make the opponent faint?


Barque the Blastoise (M) Lv. 45  – Aqua Tail, Bite, Surf, Protect


Green the Chesnaught (M) Lv. 46 – Seed Bomb, Power-Up Punch, Spikey Shield, Leech Seed


Nailey the Linoone (M) Lv. 42 – Rock Smash, Thief, Cut, Strength


Mime the Mr. Mime (M) Lv. 45 – Psychic, Thunderbolt, Light Screen, Subtitute


Gale the Pidgeot (M) Lv. 45 – Fly, Return, Roost, Feather Dance


Lightning the Raichu (F) Lv. 45 – Grass Knot, Thunderbolt, Nuzzle and Electro Ball

I’m using Nailey (Linoone) as a HM Slave basically, he and Pidgeot will be replaced after I’ve beaten the Elite Four. I got the special Event Torchic which I used for a while but when I saw that Chesnaught evolved into a Grass/Fighting type I deposited him in the PC. Yeah, I don’t study the games too much before buying them as they turn less enjoyable that way. Also I’ve thought using Metronome on Chesnaught to increase the power of Power-Up Punch even more, that ought to be a good strategy, no? I haven’t checked Smogon yet since I’m only halfway through the main game but I’m pretty sure they present a much better moveset.

I noticed a reference to Gary/Green/Blue in the games which I found hilarious enough to take a picture of:

garyref1 garyref2

That’s all for now!

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Unlikely Versus No. 9

dennis vs dennis

Dennis the Menace vs Dennis the Menace

Their shared background:

You might or might not know of the fact that about the same time, in both the US and Scotland, two different comic artists created two separate characters who were named the same and were in many ways very similar, and they’re said to have been oblivious to this at first. I present to you an Unlikely Versus between Dennis the Menace (UK) and Dennis the Menace (US)!

Their strengths:

Dennis the Menace (UK) is a very selfish and mean boy who loves chaos and mayhem. He often chooses treasures and other material things over his friends and goes out of his way to make people miserable. He’s armed with things such as a sling shot. He also has saved his town on occassions from disaster and robot invasions, and is ingenious when it comes to all things menace.

Dennis the Menace (US): is a pretty lovable boy with a taste for mischief. He carries snakes and slingshots with him. He’s kind and helpful, but likes to get into fights with boys his age. He also manages to bring destruction around himself by mistake.

Their weaknesses:

Dennis the Menace (UK) isn’t that book smart, though that rarely is an issue in fights as he’s clever when it comes to all things bad.

Dennis the Menace (US) is too kind to deliberately fight someone, but I think he would if he had to.


All things considered, it’s safe to assume that the UK version not only is more vicious but also more experienced in fights overall. I can’t see how the US version would stand a chance.

Dennis the Menace (UK) emerges as the winner!

Now what do you think?

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Gamer’s Love on Valentine’s Day


I got a lot of gamer merchandise from my wife in a nifty little box full of goodies, and she once again showed me how much she loves and understands me! Thanks my love!

The box contained:

– A Toon Link plushie

– A Tetris mug

– The book “Super Mario- how Nintendo conquered America”

– Super Mario Mushroom socks

So much love in the air!

My Game Room


Here you have my game room, well, to be more clear it’s my “gaming corner”. This room serves as a guest room, reading room and game room at once, and I was lucky enough to get my own setup along one of the walls. I’ve placed the gaming mini fridge at the left side of the shelves and then stacked all my console games as good as possible where possible. When we get a bigger place I’ll add two bookshelves to the sides to be able to house all of my game collection and collectibles.

Right now I’m looking at adding plastic boxes with drawers, who are either expensive, ugly or hard to come by, just beneath each console to house the controllers and accessories to give it a neat look. I’ll print the logos of each console  at the front of the drawer as well, and probably wrap them in some kind of paper as they’re transparent and semi-transparent and not that aestethically appealing. I got this idea from another gamers setup but I can’t find the original picture, and what I’ve planned isn’t exactly how he/she’d made the setup either, but still very clever indeed.


With only one Scart input (which I can put up with as it accepts RGB and S-video natively) I had to organize the Scart cables in some kind of way, and this is what I came up with. Easy, cheap and you’ll also be able to store it behind the phat TV without anyone noticing it.

Though by now I’ve changed the Gamecube and Nintendo 64 cables from Composite to RGB and S-video respectively.


Aaaaw yiss.

Triforces… Triforces Everywhere!


Triforce 1

Spock wearing the Vulcan traditional suit, that really resembles a Triforce.

triforce 2

The company Fischer has a Triforce as their logo, and that’s badass!

For more Triforces in the wild please check:


Super Sticker Serenade

bild 1

I have already told you about the laser printer I bought for a few months ago. I ordered some glossy sticker paper in A4 format which one can make stickers with in good quality. Since I couldn’t order stickers this small I had to make them myself, and I’m really pleased with the result. I just cut them with a scissor and attached them to the cartridges, also they’re not water soluble as they were printed in laser.

As you can see I ditched the diea of using VHS, DVD or Universal Game Cases. I don’t have space and prefer this setup for these bigger carts better. Also the cases I was looking for were too expensive or the wrong ones. I found an ideal DVD case which I thought of ordering, but it would cost me about 80 dollars, shipping not included, for 50 of them. So I’ll have to wait until I can get Universal Game Cases or that kind of 6 or 8 DVD case that I’m looking for.

bild 2

I also printed some stickers for my Game Fridge and then a sticker for my laptop.

It’s Wario time!

Yeah. It looks really cool! It was a tricky task to cut it with scissors but I managed.