The Collectors Madness: Even More Boxes with… Boxes.

boxar 1

Here’s yet another bunch of Nintendo DS boxes I made for some of my games, and this time I had a spare one when done. They turned out nice in my opinion, and I made some on my own since they weren’t available on The Cover Project.

I decided to ditch the idea using VHS cases for my games as they:

1) Turned out pretty badly

2) Take too much space compared to the Nintendo DS cases

3) The main reason I got the DS cases was to showcase and not lose my smaller games

boxar 2

As this game isn’t as common they didn’t have covers for it. I made one myself from pictures someone had taken from his/her own box which turned out decently, and even though I did all I could with Photoshop magic the back of the box turned blurry (as the photo was blurry). I decided to go for it anyways, and now I have all 3 games boxed. This is as close to the retail cover I could get, and I really like the small Knight Donald I put there on the spine.

boxar 3

This is a case made for the Gameboy version of the game using the box for the Gameboy Color. Again, this game wasn’t available. I also made a cover for the GBC version to have just because, in case it’d come in handy. You could say that the GBC version would be the retail version, but not the GB one as that’d be considered custom. And you wouldn’t as nice colors playing the GB game on a GBC as the back suggests… he he!

boxar 4

Though not the best game ever made, and not the best port either, I really enjoyed this game as my first own game. I found scans online which I compiled into this pretty little thing. The challenge was here to retouch the image to remove scabby marks and to add that little insert over the Gameboy logo which says “Arcade Classics 4”.

boxar 5

And here’s one for Solomon’s Club, which wasn’t available either at that site. The front is a scan of the front of the original box, and the back was from someone’s collection, still wrapped in plastic.

This one I made all on my own, completely custom!

boxar 6

Everything is completely custom bar the game text which I took from the back of the Who Framed Roger Rabbit game for the NES. The spine sports Roger Rabbit, it’s the same image as from the back of the case.

boxar 7

The Nintendo Seal of Quality, Capcom USA, Who Framed Roger Rabbit logo, Nintendo and the Game Boy Game Pak logo are all added by me on an image I found that resembled the original cover.

boxar 8

And here’s the back of the case where I added the Roger Rabbit logo, and a custom background behind it. I chose colors to compliment the ones on the front and then two screenshots where I added some text of my own. I didn’t add a barcode as I wanted to distinguish this one as being completely made by myself (bar that text thingie from the NES game).

10 thoughts on “The Collectors Madness: Even More Boxes with… Boxes.

  1. Great job with the cases! They do look very good. So much better than just loose carts.
    I use to really enjoy my GBA and I kept all of my games from when it was a new hand held. I have about 40 complete games in great shape 🙂
    I wish I could say the same about my NES and SNES games. I’ll have to print some covers for them.


    • That’s nice, 40 boxed games in good shape!

      I only have one boxed NES game (Gun.Smoke) and I have to get awesome covers for the rest. I have to get game cases to begin with, but with shipping and an extra fee added for profit, you’ll end up paying out of your arse if you have to order from overseas.


  2. Wow your cases look great… especially the ones where there was no cover posted on Joetendo here. I actually found out that it costs me $0.77 per cover to print out at Staples. I think this is still a better deal than if I were to print them out myself. The cost of a colour cartridge for my printer is just over $40 after tax… and I probably get maybe 25 covers before I have to replace it. Any suggestions on how where to purchase ink cheaper?


    • I actually used a laser color printer I got for pretty much this project as well as for printing my drawings and stuff for my hobbies (such as stickers). I’d guess Staples is cheaper than InkJet printers, but a color laser cheaper in the long run, at least that’s how I calculated it (one costs about 100 dollars or so these days and will print about 250? color pages before they run out of toner on the half-filled toner they give you). I wrote some about it in the first Collectors Madness post, but bear in mind that I didn’t have Staples to print from, and no other better alternative either for that matter.
      It was a while ago that I had an inkjet printer, back then we ordered the cartidges online which seemed to be cheaper.

      There’s the link!


    • Just remember when you make the purchase that making sure your printer can print legal sized paper for the format needed for Universal Game Cases. Mine leaves a white border around the page which sucks, just check out the printable area before investing in ink for your printer.


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