Super Sticker Serenade

bild 1

I have already told you about the laser printer I bought for a few months ago. I ordered some glossy sticker paper in A4 format which one can make stickers with in good quality. Since I couldn’t order stickers this small I had to make them myself, and I’m really pleased with the result. I just cut them with a scissor and attached them to the cartridges, also they’re not water soluble as they were printed in laser.

As you can see I ditched the diea of using VHS, DVD or Universal Game Cases. I don’t have space and prefer this setup for these bigger carts better. Also the cases I was looking for were too expensive or the wrong ones. I found an ideal DVD case which I thought of ordering, but it would cost me about 80 dollars, shipping not included, for 50 of them. So I’ll have to wait until I can get Universal Game Cases or that kind of 6 or 8 DVD case that I’m looking for.

bild 2

I also printed some stickers for my Game Fridge and then a sticker for my laptop.

It’s Wario time!

Yeah. It looks really cool! It was a tricky task to cut it with scissors but I managed.


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