Gamer’s Love on Valentine’s Day


I got a lot of gamer merchandise from my wife in a nifty little box full of goodies, and she once again showed me how much she loves and understands me! Thanks my love!

The box contained:

– A Toon Link plushie

– A Tetris mug

– The book “Super Mario- how Nintendo conquered America”

– Super Mario Mushroom socks

So much love in the air!

6 thoughts on “Gamer’s Love on Valentine’s Day

    • Thanks! 😀
      My wife asks of a list for things to buy. Also she has a knack of remembering things I say I want among the lengthly ramblings of mine.

      She bought these things because she only buys video games for me for my birthday and for christmas.

      I have too many games already, heh!


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