Unlikely Versus No. 9

dennis vs dennis

Dennis the Menace vs Dennis the Menace

Their shared background:

You might or might not know of the fact that about the same time, in both the US and Scotland, two different comic artists created two separate characters who were named the same and were in many ways very similar, and they’re said to have been oblivious to this at first. I present to you an Unlikely Versus between Dennis the Menace (UK) and Dennis the Menace (US)!

Their strengths:

Dennis the Menace (UK) is a very selfish and mean boy who loves chaos and mayhem. He often chooses treasures and other material things over his friends and goes out of his way to make people miserable. He’s armed with things such as a sling shot. He also has saved his town on occassions from disaster and robot invasions, and is ingenious when it comes to all things menace.

Dennis the Menace (US): is a pretty lovable boy with a taste for mischief. He carries snakes and slingshots with him. He’s kind and helpful, but likes to get into fights with boys his age. He also manages to bring destruction around himself by mistake.

Their weaknesses:

Dennis the Menace (UK) isn’t that book smart, though that rarely is an issue in fights as he’s clever when it comes to all things bad.

Dennis the Menace (US) is too kind to deliberately fight someone, but I think he would if he had to.


All things considered, it’s safe to assume that the UK version not only is more vicious but also more experienced in fights overall. I can’t see how the US version would stand a chance.

Dennis the Menace (UK) emerges as the winner!

Now what do you think?

Images compiled from: https://www.mycomicshop.com and http://www.bleedingcool.com/

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