Pokémon Progress: The X Factor

I know I never updated my final team in Pokémon White and Pokémon White 2, I’ll do that eventually as one of my upcoming Pokémon-themed posts just for your knowledge and to quench your curiosity.

To kick things off this is what my character looks like, it’s as you can see based off the early wardrobe available in the game and my liking of the more classic trainer design that more readily conforms to natural clothing worn during trekking and such:


Right now I’ve beat the 5 first Gyms effortlessly and since there’s a new Exp. Share system the game is pretty much a breeze at this point, and I love how you gain experience even after catching new Pokémon. That’s a mechanic I’ve always wanted in the games as they seem the most natural, how can you not gain experience battling if you don’t make the opponent faint?


Barque the Blastoise (M) Lv. 45  – Aqua Tail, Bite, Surf, Protect


Green the Chesnaught (M) Lv. 46 – Seed Bomb, Power-Up Punch, Spikey Shield, Leech Seed


Nailey the Linoone (M) Lv. 42 – Rock Smash, Thief, Cut, Strength


Mime the Mr. Mime (M) Lv. 45 – Psychic, Thunderbolt, Light Screen, Subtitute


Gale the Pidgeot (M) Lv. 45 – Fly, Return, Roost, Feather Dance


Lightning the Raichu (F) Lv. 45 – Grass Knot, Thunderbolt, Nuzzle and Electro Ball

I’m using Nailey (Linoone) as a HM Slave basically, he and Pidgeot will be replaced after I’ve beaten the Elite Four. I got the special Event Torchic which I used for a while but when I saw that Chesnaught evolved into a Grass/Fighting type I deposited him in the PC. Yeah, I don’t study the games too much before buying them as they turn less enjoyable that way. Also I’ve thought using Metronome on Chesnaught to increase the power of Power-Up Punch even more, that ought to be a good strategy, no? I haven’t checked Smogon yet since I’m only halfway through the main game but I’m pretty sure they present a much better moveset.

I noticed a reference to Gary/Green/Blue in the games which I found hilarious enough to take a picture of:

garyref1 garyref2

That’s all for now!

Sprites from: http://www.pkparaiso.com/xy/sprites_pokemon.php


4 thoughts on “Pokémon Progress: The X Factor

  1. I guess I’m one of the few that’s not too crazy about the new Pokemon Games. I love the battle system but that’s all I really say about it without getting too disappointed.


    • Some things just aren’t meant to be. I don’t like some franchises anymore either because of new elements and a new direction, Sonic being one, so I get what you mean. 🙂 To each his own.


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