Dear Nintendo 64

Dear Nintendo 64,

You really knew how to score.

You were an impeccable console,

you played a pivotal role,

in making the  3D platformer genre whole.

You had the best game library,

though your carts were low on memory.

You offered a lot of quality games,

many which are still well-known names,

With game posters still walled up in their frames.

Dear Nintendo 64,

The Playstation One ripped you a new hole.

It sold better and had more space on its discs,

cut off Nintendo’s pretty whisks,

Showed you why still using cartridges were a huge risk.

Still you managed to stand proud and steady,

Had exclusive Nintendo games at the ready,

Introduced the analog joystick,

the Rumble Pack which was really thick,

And the console’s design ever so slick.

Dear Nintendo 64,

You made fun even the most tedious chores,

such as collecting Cuckoo’s and fishing with Link,

fighting off Pokémon and recovering with a Milk Drink,

Smashing Bowser and releasing Bow Bow’s from his chain and link.

You were and still are among the best,

your quality games every day put to time’s test,

Gamer’s open up their gaming chests,

having themselves a jolly good fest,

never putting their console to it’s rest.




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