Comparision Between Composite and RGB

For around 8-9 £, or 13 $, I got myself a RBG cable for my Gamecube. It turned out to be a great investment, just look at the difference yourselves:

SSBM Composite

Standard Composite



If you click the images to enlarge them you’ll see that there’s a huge difference.  They were taken with a digital camera right off the CRT TV screen, and still you can see a huge difference. There’s a sharper image, less blurring and clearer colors as they don’t bleed out as much. The difference is actually most noticeable on the 3D elements in the game.

You just have to make sure your regions system supports this and that your TV supports it as well, most CRT TV’s from the end of the 90’s onwards and all modern flatscreens should support it. If you’re into retro gaming this is a cheap upgrade to make to breath new life into your game library.

I’ve got an S-video cable for my N64 (as the PAL version doesn’t support RGB) and I’ve heard the image is very good and that the difference isn’t too huge between this and RGB. Then again, one can mod their system to show RGB, but I don’t feel ready for that yet. I’ll post pictures when the scart adaptor shows up in my mail, I paid 1 £ including shipping for the same thing I’d pay 8 £ for in store… the only draw is that it’s from China apparently, and I’m crossing my fingers that the shipping won’t take a month and that the quality will be the same.


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2 thoughts on “Comparision Between Composite and RGB

  1. you guys are lucky RGB is easy to come by over there and SCART is a standard. over here in the US we had to go through a ridicules progression of various a/v inputs. finding a decent sized CRT monitor here that can do RGB is a chore as no standard TV will do it and you have to turn to the not so easy to find and not so cheap PVM monitors. Then after all of that you still have to import the RGB cables and make an adapter in most cases. Component is OK since its practically RGB but older systems don’t natively support it.


    • While we Europeans didn’t get a lot of accessories and add ons (and not to mention a lot of games!) that the North Americans got, I guess we lucked out in this department. 😀

      I’ve heard about that struggle and I feel for my fellow gamers overseas. Maybe someone will release a retro gamer CRT TV with RGB support over there… They’re releasing a lot of other retro themed stuff nowadays anyway, let’s just hope it’s decently priced as well.


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