Game Hunting: Gremlins and Ghouls in Boxes

This time in Retro Games Hunt I found stuff from three different platforms! 

GAME had a 25% sale on all their Used games and I made sure to grab a couple of them while I was there, and then I also recieved a longed for box… in a box.


Gremlins 2: The New Batch

This NES title is a really fun game, and is based on Gizmo’s adventures and mishaps in the second Gremlins movie. You control Gizmo and battle your way through the office building in the movie and you can equip him with different weapons, many which are seen in the movie as well. There also are boss battles based on all the different freakazoid versions of the Gremlins that were produced when they wreaked havoc in the lab.

And remember, when out of stuff to offer a person or another creature, you can always offer diseases.


“I could get you diseases.”



I already have this one, which I consider a hidden gem on the Gamecube, but I got it for a veeeery good price for my brother.


Gameboy Color Box:

I got this box for a very good price brand new, though it didn’t contain inlets, manuals or the system. That was fine with me since I had all of those and only lacked the box for a complete set. Incidentally this box is for my favorite Gameboy Color color (haha) and I even got to fold it myself! That explains how I got a box in a box this week.

Christopher Lee image from:


4 thoughts on “Game Hunting: Gremlins and Ghouls in Boxes

  1. Congratz! Good stuff there. I got the Geist as well.

    One thing I cannot stand about European game boxes is the ESRB-equivalent descriptors on EU game version. They are large, hideous and obstruct way too much artwork. Plain effen ugly. Can’t they just make something similar in size to ESRB?


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