Mega Man II: It’s Quint’n Time!

Mega Man back

I’m going to mention three things about the text on the back of the box of Mega Man II for Gameboy:

1) That has to be one of the worst blurbs I’ve ever seen for a game. “It’s Quint’n time!” I guess they’re referring to the difficult and mighty boss Quint who you face off against after having defeated all Robot Masters. He’s not difficult, and I’d hardly call him mighty. What if they wrote “It’s Bowser’n Time!” at the back of a Mario game. Am I missing the intended pun in that sentence?

2) The word demented, as in “the demented Dr. Wily”. I’m aware that it’s a word used to describe someone crazy or evil in the English language, but I can’t help thinking of the other kind of dementia when reading that sentence:


Now where did I put that device I built to destroy Mega Man? Where is it? Where am I? What’s my name?

3) The back of the box describes the Robot Masters as cyborgs, As far as I know they’re not cyborgs at all, they’re purely machines. There are no biological components in their design. That’s why I find it that statement interesting.

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