Game Hunting: Hunting in US and Canada

Gameboy Case

Gameboy Carrying Case, Game & Watch Gallery and Wario Blast:

I got these from Al’s Video Games and Music in Seattle. I’ve been looking for such a case for a long time and Wario Blast has been on my list too, I wrote about them here. Both games are very fun and well worth what I gave for them, and I’m showing off the case on our bookshelf at home. I think I got the case for half of what it costs around here.


Zelda: Collectors Edition, Mario Party 4, Pac Man 1 and 2, Luigi’s Mansion:

Here’s the amazing story of how I got these games:

I walked into a Salvation Army store in Vancouver (I know, on my vacation, right?) as they’re a good source of finding video games for a decent price. I look through their selection and there honestly weren’t any good video games on display… until I followed one of the basic rules of game collectors: check the DVD and Blu Ray department!

Lo and behold! They had a good selection of Gamecube games…

My hands started to shake. I sweated profusely. They had The Legend of Zelda: Collectors Edition there for 5 bucks. Quickly, to not someone else get it, I grabbed it and held on to it tightly. Then I saw Luigi’s Mansion… and then Mario Party 4, both also for the same price each! And then I threw in Pac Man for good measure.

I honestly had to take a few deep breaths because of the adrenaline that coursed through me, it took a long time for me to finally understand that I actually had found these games for such a good price, I mean, I didn’t even expect to find anything in there. I paid for them and then when I exited the place I wanted to shout my lungs out, out of sheer excitement and happiness of my once in a lifetime find.

Being the nice guy I am I gave my brother Mario Party 4, as I already have the 5th game in that series.

Nintendo DS Games

Zendoku, Aliens Infestation and Blue Dragon Plus:

The first game, Zendoku, I bought from the discount bins of Future Shop in Victoria, Canada. It only cost a couple of bucks and looked interesting enough to warrant a purchase. It seems to basically be a Sudoku game with action elements.

The second game, Aliens Infestation, I bought from Walmart. It looks like an awesome platformer where you control a few guys wandering about killing off aliens. I had to get it since it looked really interesting, and in these days where Internet tells you everything there is to know about a game, it feels good to take a chance on a title that looks promising, without having your experience being tainted by reviews of people who hold a higher standard for the games they use to play.

The third game, Blue Dragon Plus, is the sequel to Blue Dragon, another game designed by Akira Toriyama. The first game has gotten good reviews, and I’d have gotten it if I had an Xbox… which I don’t. It’s a strategy RPG which seems pretty fun, but I haven’t played enough of it to have a full opinion about it. I bought it from a Gamestop in Victoria.

That’s it for now! Smell ya later!


8 thoughts on “Game Hunting: Hunting in US and Canada

  1. nice hauls. have you checked out any goodwill’s/flea markets/Craigslist at the locals your visiting? I’ve had some astronomical luck at those the last few weeks, mostly retro computer stuff though, Macintosh SE for $7, boxed atari 1040st computer and monitor for $25 and the best a boxed voodoo 5500 pci card for the mac for $3. I’m glad you had luck at a salvation army store though cause I gave up on the ones here. RIDICULOUS prices. PlayStation 1’s lose for $99 old beat up CRT televisions for about $40 when the Goodwill right down the street is selling all old TV’s for $1. I’m glad there being run sanely elsewhere.


    • I usually look up these locations, though I stumbled upon the Salvation Army by chance (or destiny, if you will!). I visited a couple of goodwills, but they didn’t have games I could play on my PAL systems, but the prices were good.
      Flea markets were a no-go as my wife wouldn’t want to, ha ha! Going into thrift stores is as far as she can go on a vacation, though I visit several flea markets where I live now.
      Craigslist I didn’t check out… It’d be too difficult arranging a meeting time and location when you don’t know the city and have a pretty spontaneous way of travelling.

      Though I’ve seen those ridiculous prices on people’s game hunting videos online! That’s insane!!


  2. good point about Craigslist though Ive actually had a few people that came to me or were really close by chance. Goodwill’s do kind of suck for console games I rarely find non sports games or consoles their but there a gold mine for old PC stuff like big box DOS games.


    • Yeah, Goodwill did have a lot of older boxes PC games now that you mention it.

      It’s weird asking people coming to your hotel room for selling games to you, though I have good experience with our equivalent to craigslist over here.


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  4. What a score! I know exactly the feeling you get. The shakes, the dry mouth, the feeling that this is too good to be true! I got like that at the VGCC game swap two weeks ago. So many games, so little time. It amazes me how much the prices vary between vendors for the same game. You are lucky that you have flea markets around. We have some here in Toronto, but the prices are usually ridiculous. My buddy wanted to look at a few games and the vendor said that she didn’t want to get them down if he wasn’t committed to buying. This is what we have to deal with over here:(


    • Ow that sucks! What a bad attitude!
      I try to check out flea markets abroad (like in the US, UK and Canada) and also around here in Sweden where you can be lucky enough to score something good. In Sweden though most people are aware of the value of what they’re selling, which inflates the value a lot. One needs an eagle’s eye, patience and a sense of adventure for video game hunting. And oh, that feeling when you strike gold!! It’s worth all those times one doesn’t find anything good at all.


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