Now Playing: Assembled Screenshots

I had some not used screenshots from the past months who I intended to use in blog posts who never were made, mainly Now Playing ones, but who as time passed weren’t as relevant anymore. That is, until I found them again and realized that I haven’t made much progress in those games since these pictures were taken.
Zelda II

First up we have Zelda II: Adventure of Link. I have no trouble clearing the first dungeon in Parapa Desert, and I have even managed to get back the trophy of Town of Ruto in that dark cave without the candle, and I would actually consider that quite hardcore.

Zelda II 2

But I haven’t accomplished more than that as it turned out the in-game battery was dead as a doornail and I lost all my progress up until that point. This elicited a classic rage response as expected from such a dire situation:


I managed to reach that point again without too much trouble and even replaced the battery for a new one, but then I got hold of The Legend of Zelda: Collector’s Edition in a Salvation Army store in Canada. Now I’m using  that one for my Zelda II needs, and I have to say that even though the game doesn’t use the traditional LoZ game style I still find it very enjoyable and I always want to play more to progress in that game.

Pinball NES

Then I played some Pinball for the NES. It’s a basic pinball game that, while enjoyable, is just that and will turn boring quite fast. I still find it enjoyable in short bursts and think it’s a decent pinball game considering how early it was made for the system. I even managed to reach this nifty mini game, which is a weird combination of Pinball and Breakout, with a dash of Donkey Kong. And you gotta love those penguins, (wo)man.

Super Mario Crossover

And last but not least I played myself some Super Mario Bros Crossover with Samus (one of my favorite characters in that game) and managed to save her baby Metroid. That’s such a nice and heart warming ending!

Gamer rage image from:


2 thoughts on “Now Playing: Assembled Screenshots

  1. Zelda II is a game I’ve really wanted to play very badly since I first saw it at a friends when it was new. I have a NES and the game. I don’t know what I’m waiting for. Seeing your screen shots has really reminded me that this is one I have to play someday.
    It’s really pretty hard to play and blog about video games! …and keep a job. We need more time. Much more…


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