I Got Myself the Event Torchic

It was a while ago, though. I just wanted to show him off as I’ve previously bought the games too late to get hold of most of the event monsters they’re offering.

Torchic Event 1

It really was a great help on my adventure. Its Mega Evolution kicks ass (though I use my Blastoise as my main Mega Evolutionnaire).


Game Hunting: Racing, Flying, Fighting and Memory

This time I got myself a mixed bag: some SNES game sequels for the N64, a little something for the little ‘Boy and another little thingie for the PS Vita.

Let’s get it on!

bild 3 (1)


F-Zero X and Pilotwings 64:

I remember buying F-Zero X with my brother in a bargain bin, and it was a real bargain! Totally worth the money, so when I saw this one I snagged it. It’s a fast-paced racing game that’s a bit difficult to get used to in the beginning, but as all of us know practice makes near perfect. The music is radical, and the HP system of your ride is awesome! Play your cars right and it’ll be your opponents who explode and not yours! Three! Two! One! Gooo!

Pilotwings 64 I remember getting from my sisters, and it’s a fun game with a lot of replayability. The only drawback is that it’s a single player game, but that’s not a huge one as I can’t imagine how a multiplayer mode would be designed. It’s a game that’s worth adding to your collection.

bild 1

Mega Memory and Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

I got the Mega Memory brand new from my brother, thanks bro! I needed one to use and one mint for my collection. I usually open up the stuff I buy… but something told me to keep one sealed, and I don’t know why. I hardly think there’ll be any collector’s value in this, but what the heck! This one is great for beating certain really difficult platformers for the Gameboy.

Then I found Playstation All-Stars – Battle Royale for the PS Vita. I’ve been looking for this game with hungry eyes and decided to get it when they sold it cheaply. All-Stars is pretty much Smash Bros. for Playstation.



Nerdness From the US

The US is a great place where you can buy affordable items of nerdery, especially if you venture outside of many niche (though awesome) comic book and anime goods stores and into any other toy store or Wal Mart of some kind. There are affordable stuff in niche stores thougj, don’t disregard them altogether. I guess what I’m trying to say * is that toy stores surprisingly can carry stuff of nerd-dom.

* Hah, me guessing what I already know in my head… that’s silly.

TMNT Splinter Shredder

I found these 80’s style TMNT toys in a Toys R’ Us for about 8 bucks each in Canada. That’s a nice price, especially when converted to Swedish Crowns. I bought all 4 Turtles about 10 years ago when they were re-released by the original company who owned them (don’t ask me which company that was, jeez). These are re-released and issued by Nickelodeon when they took over the franchise a few years ago. They didn’t have the busty April or the weird Foot Soldiers though, I’d get them too if they stocked them, but I’m actually more glad they had Splinter and Shredder, who are even more awesome than them.

Fun trivia: These were released using the original comic’s designs of the characters but with the coloring of the cartoon characters. That’s why they look a little bit odd when compared to the cartoon characters, especially when you look at Shredder’s bare manly chest. Mmm… that’s sweet.

There’s a dilemma though. There’s just one Raph, Mikey, Master Splinter and Shredder- but there are a lot of Foot Soldiers in the cartoon and the comics. Does that mean that one had to buy about 30-40 of them to re-enact an episode correctly?


Who doesn’t love Wario? I said:

Who doesn’t love Wario? Answer me!!

I got this one at a TJ Maxx in the US (I think) for 5 bucks. Not bad, not bad- if I may say. It’s quite big and works fine, I have it in my game room to lift up the place.

My interpretation of the text on the packaging:

3+: You need to own 3 or more of these to be taken seriously.

PULL BACK ACTION: This product will be pulled back due to faulty production that produces Choking Hazard to 20 year olds.

Wario Brute: Wario is a Brute.

19302: Wario’s Postal Adress in the Mushroom Kingdom


Target. 10 bucks. Had to get it.

Now I have 3 Nintendo themed caps.

Isn’t it lovely? Isn’t it beautiful?

Video Game Adventures in Canada

Al’s Video Games and Music

This is a store I’d wanted to check out, not because of good reviews or anything, but because of the opposite, actually, and while many things have been correct, I’ll have to start to say that I don’t agree on some things written, and I won’t get in deeper into those stuff as I want to give my neutral point of view and avoid slander.

This store is situated along the main strip in the University District of Vancouver and wasn’t all to hard to find, we did find it eventually as long as we walked on along the strip.  The strip was a mish-mash of more modern and cleaner stores mixed with older, dingy and less well-maintained locals.


As you can see this is one of those stores with a wide array of goods, and as the name of the store is telling us, they stock Video Games and Music. I never checked out their records corner as I’m no collector myself (though I pride myself in showcasing a copy of ZZ-Top’s Viva Las Vegas and a Daft Punk album with a huge eye on the cover, on my bookshelf).

The games were decently priced, as they can be in retail stores, and there were a bunch that were worthwhile to buy. You can buy all these games, naturally, at a lower price if you scour all flea markets, garage sales and Craigslist, er, lists, you can find. But I do prefer actual physical stores where I can actually touch and evaluate what I’m going to buy.


Even though the store would’ve needed a few swipes with a duster, it didn’t look as messy as I’d imagine it would considering what I’d read about the place. The assortment of products was good, with a few novelty items in mint condition and other things of interest for a collector, unfortunately I can’t say much about the prices as I didn’t remember many of them after exiting the store.


They had a few bargain games in small boxes, some of them were actually pretty decently priced, and I found both less popular titles and more popular ones with scuffs and scratches on them. Not bad, I say.


Here they had more or less their collection of popular and more rare games, well, rather more popular ones, and they were priced accordingly. It was pretty to look at but either I couldn’t play those games or had them, so I didn’t look all to hard here.


What a marvellous sight for a gamer.


They even carried older Atari games. You don’t readily see them where I come from so that was nice. IMG_2211


And I left the store with these games.

Pink Gorilla (University District)

This store was placed along the same strip more or less, and man was it amazing to check out. I wanted to buy more games but I felt I’d already filled my quota and I just didn’t have the drive to buy any more, I realized, so I decided to check the place out with an open mind.


I didn’t know where to begin.IMG_2219

Great goodness that’s a lot of games.

Astounding. The place has a lot of Japanese import games and borrows a lot of the showcasing of it’s goods from how the stores in Nippon do- that’s a neat detail which indirectly shows what’s unique with the store.


Games. Games everywhere.

IMG_2222 IMG_2223 IMG_2228 IMG_2240


I really wish I had the drive (and the money) to buy more games in that store, but I hadn’t. I almost bought a Wario World for the Nintendo Gamecube, but didn’t go through with it.

This is a store I really recommend for gamers, and if I recall correctly, there’s another one in Vancouver outside of the University District. The prices were decent and the selection great.

Game Room Update

I’ve made some changes to my Game Room of Doom. Yeah, that’s where all bad guys go to get their ass kicked in video games. Can you spot the difference? Can you?

bild 1 (33)

Alright, I’ll help you guys (and gals) out with this one. Let’s start with this Nintendo styled fridge of mine where I have added a Nintendo logo sticker (printed by yours truly in living color) on each side as well as having added more stickers to complete the transparent door.

bild 2

That’s Wario, Mega Man, Samus, Link, Tanooki Mario, Classic Sonic and Donkey Kong right there. Also I’ve added a Metroid (from Super Metroid) to the handle. The box beneath the fridge contains Wii peripherals such as baseball bats, golf clubs, knuckle-dusters etc. It reads “Speltillbehör” which may sound bad enough for most to run away with their tails between their legs, but it has a much nicer meaning behind it.

Commence Swedish lesson no. 1!

Speltillbehör: Game Accessories

Spel: Games, any kind really

Tillbehör: Accessories

Pronounciation: “Spaleteelbayheaur”

bild 3

The left hand side now looks like this, with my loose cart games placed in this manner to allow me to easily browse through them. Well, I’ve put that NES Carrying Case from Forty Four under those by now as well, lifting them up a bit higher.

bild 4

Then I finally found what I’ve been searching for all year, some kind of “boxes with drawers”, preferably stylish, and who didn’t forcibly pull my money out of my bottom. Finally I found them, at IKEA, of all places, made specifically for their shelves. They were called Lekman, which translates to… wait a minute!

Commence Swedish lesson No. 2!!

IKEA: No idea. Really, I don’t know why they named the chain like that.

Lekman: Layman, I have no idea what they mean naming those boxes like that.

Pronounciation: “Eekayaa” and “Laykmann”

bild 5


And here it is, opened up, drawer drawn out, the goodies revealed. This is a neat way to store peripherals and to give a clean and neat look while still being able to view the stuff through the semi-transparent color and thus retaining a video-game esque vibe to the design of the room.

By the way, that Wii U Sports Connection is my brother-in-law’s, I’m safekeeping it for him.

Why? Well that’s none of your business.

That’s it for now people, smell ya later!

Easter Eggs in Geist

There are a few Easter Eggs in Geist for the Gamecube, I found these hidden in the women’s locker room at the place where you possess the character Anna Richardson:

Geist2 Geist1

A Gamecube and Samus helmet! It seems as if the Volks employees love Gamecube and that they’ve employed Samus as well. That explains how they’ve got hold of all that advanced tech!

I found out how to defeat the 2nd boss of the game, the one with the shield, plasma gun and the grenades. Now listen to this, it’s really logical:

Possess the grenades and make them explode either directly or by leading them towards the boss.

That’s not intuitive at all! No wonder so many people get frustrated with this game!

Anyhow, I was at that part where you have to possess the first specific character in the game, who you need to keep alive to save your friend Bryson. You have to possess Anna in the shower. Man, I think I get what gender this game caters to!

geist 1

That’s you in Anna’s body, and she quickly becomes a real badass, all her potential unlocked when controlled by you, Raimi, the etheral warrior of truth. This shows that it’s not the gender, but the person, who makes the great achievements in life.

Now I’m at level 5 where you possess someone’s motorbike… that’s hilarious. You have to liquidate all the enemies to preserve your rider’s life. In that same level I found another Easter Egg, by the way:

geist nes snes

Well yes, LET’S!!

geist rat

The gameplay is really varied as there are a lot of characters to possess and control, such as this very magnificent rat. The point of view is amazing and they’ve even added a peripheral blur to show rats’ tunnel vision. If it’s correct, biologically or not, I can’t tell, but it sure is different from controlling the bat (which is annoying to control), a human or a dog. And amongst humans there are a lot of different classes to use who, depending on the person you possess, also have different skillsets and abilities for you to (a)buse.

A lot like Messiah, in fact, sans the diaper-bottoms and the humorous setting:



Yeah, I used to be into PC gaming too back in the days, I’m not only into retro console games!


Images from: Gamespot.com, Dansdata.com