Now Playing: Pokémon X…. why?

Hah! You get it? Look at the bottom for the explanation of the pun.

I took a picture of the Pokéball Factory as it looks amazing, at least this part where you see a humongous collection of Pokéballs right off off the assembly line:

Pokémon Balls

Then I was challenged by these punks who look like the epitome of punkness:

Pokémon Grunt Pokémon Grunts

I’d actually be scared if I met people looking like this, especially with the guy’s scowl and Zoya’s apparent nonchalant face, meaning she won’t bat an eye while the other punk kicks your ass. Though I do enjoy the imaginative way people in the Pokémon Universe carry their Pokéballs… in backpacks, on their belts or as in this case, as part of a necklace.

Myself I’d carry them this way if ever given the choice:



Pokémon Visual Companion

Then my wife showed me this Pokémon Visual Companion for the anime which she insisted I buy. I’ve been meaning to watch the show for a long time but haven’t, and this book should be great to have up until the B/W era.

Answer to pun: Why = Y. You make out the rest!

Belt image from:


4 thoughts on “Now Playing: Pokémon X…. why?

  1. Isn’t that visual companion the kind they sell in the “little kids” section of Books-A-Million?! I still read those, only because they’re right beside the manga.


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