Nintendo Lounging in Whistler

During our Canada/ US trip we wisited Whistler Mountains, a really visit-worthy location for everyone who likes trekking in nature and most notably, in wintertime, Ski or Die.

We chose to enjoy the cosy amosphere, go for some ice skating, cross country skiing and last, but not least, playing hockey with a clown as referee. He made the rules up and it was really hilarious. When looking at the map I saw something amazing!

Whistler Nintendo

Did you see it?

The Nintendo Terrain Park!

Then I found a most interesting lounge… The Nintendo Gaming Lounge! When the others checked the stores I was busy playing one of their Wii U’s. I got to play Super Mario 3D World for the first time, and I think it warrants a purchase in the future.

Whistler Nintendo Lounge

Whistler Nintendo Mario 3D


6 thoughts on “Nintendo Lounging in Whistler

  1. You don’t have a Wii U?! I’m just assuming this because you said it was your 1st time playing Super Mario 3D World, but you need one. And that lounge?! That was completely random!!


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