Easter Eggs in Geist

There are a few Easter Eggs in Geist for the Gamecube, I found these hidden in the women’s locker room at the place where you possess the character Anna Richardson:

Geist2 Geist1

A Gamecube and Samus helmet! It seems as if the Volks employees love Gamecube and that they’ve employed Samus as well. That explains how they’ve got hold of all that advanced tech!

I found out how to defeat the 2nd boss of the game, the one with the shield, plasma gun and the grenades. Now listen to this, it’s really logical:

Possess the grenades and make them explode either directly or by leading them towards the boss.

That’s not intuitive at all! No wonder so many people get frustrated with this game!

Anyhow, I was at that part where you have to possess the first specific character in the game, who you need to keep alive to save your friend Bryson. You have to possess Anna in the shower. Man, I think I get what gender this game caters to!

geist 1

That’s you in Anna’s body, and she quickly becomes a real badass, all her potential unlocked when controlled by you, Raimi, the etheral warrior of truth. This shows that it’s not the gender, but the person, who makes the great achievements in life.

Now I’m at level 5 where you possess someone’s motorbike… that’s hilarious. You have to liquidate all the enemies to preserve your rider’s life. In that same level I found another Easter Egg, by the way:

geist nes snes

Well yes, LET’S!!

geist rat

The gameplay is really varied as there are a lot of characters to possess and control, such as this very magnificent rat. The point of view is amazing and they’ve even added a peripheral blur to show rats’ tunnel vision. If it’s correct, biologically or not, I can’t tell, but it sure is different from controlling the bat (which is annoying to control), a human or a dog. And amongst humans there are a lot of different classes to use who, depending on the person you possess, also have different skillsets and abilities for you to (a)buse.

A lot like Messiah, in fact, sans the diaper-bottoms and the humorous setting:



Yeah, I used to be into PC gaming too back in the days, I’m not only into retro console games!


Images from: Gamespot.com, Dansdata.com


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