Video Game Adventures in Canada

Al’s Video Games and Music

This is a store I’d wanted to check out, not because of good reviews or anything, but because of the opposite, actually, and while many things have been correct, I’ll have to start to say that I don’t agree on some things written, and I won’t get in deeper into those stuff as I want to give my neutral point of view and avoid slander.

This store is situated along the main strip in the University District of Vancouver and wasn’t all to hard to find, we did find it eventually as long as we walked on along the strip.  The strip was a mish-mash of more modern and cleaner stores mixed with older, dingy and less well-maintained locals.


As you can see this is one of those stores with a wide array of goods, and as the name of the store is telling us, they stock Video Games and Music. I never checked out their records corner as I’m no collector myself (though I pride myself in showcasing a copy of ZZ-Top’s Viva Las Vegas and a Daft Punk album with a huge eye on the cover, on my bookshelf).

The games were decently priced, as they can be in retail stores, and there were a bunch that were worthwhile to buy. You can buy all these games, naturally, at a lower price if you scour all flea markets, garage sales and Craigslist, er, lists, you can find. But I do prefer actual physical stores where I can actually touch and evaluate what I’m going to buy.


Even though the store would’ve needed a few swipes with a duster, it didn’t look as messy as I’d imagine it would considering what I’d read about the place. The assortment of products was good, with a few novelty items in mint condition and other things of interest for a collector, unfortunately I can’t say much about the prices as I didn’t remember many of them after exiting the store.


They had a few bargain games in small boxes, some of them were actually pretty decently priced, and I found both less popular titles and more popular ones with scuffs and scratches on them. Not bad, I say.


Here they had more or less their collection of popular and more rare games, well, rather more popular ones, and they were priced accordingly. It was pretty to look at but either I couldn’t play those games or had them, so I didn’t look all to hard here.


What a marvellous sight for a gamer.


They even carried older Atari games. You don’t readily see them where I come from so that was nice. IMG_2211


And I left the store with these games.

Pink Gorilla (University District)

This store was placed along the same strip more or less, and man was it amazing to check out. I wanted to buy more games but I felt I’d already filled my quota and I just didn’t have the drive to buy any more, I realized, so I decided to check the place out with an open mind.


I didn’t know where to begin.IMG_2219

Great goodness that’s a lot of games.

Astounding. The place has a lot of Japanese import games and borrows a lot of the showcasing of it’s goods from how the stores in Nippon do- that’s a neat detail which indirectly shows what’s unique with the store.


Games. Games everywhere.

IMG_2222 IMG_2223 IMG_2228 IMG_2240


I really wish I had the drive (and the money) to buy more games in that store, but I hadn’t. I almost bought a Wario World for the Nintendo Gamecube, but didn’t go through with it.

This is a store I really recommend for gamers, and if I recall correctly, there’s another one in Vancouver outside of the University District. The prices were decent and the selection great.


4 thoughts on “Video Game Adventures in Canada

    • I hope you’ll get to visit stores like these too, though I can see you’re getting quite a few great deals nevertheless! 😀
      I think it’s mainly the feeling one gets in these stores that makes them worthwhile.


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