Nerdness From the US

The US is a great place where you can buy affordable items of nerdery, especially if you venture outside of many niche (though awesome) comic book and anime goods stores and into any other toy store or Wal Mart of some kind. There are affordable stuff in niche stores thougj, don’t disregard them altogether. I guess what I’m trying to say * is that toy stores surprisingly can carry stuff of nerd-dom.

* Hah, me guessing what I already know in my head… that’s silly.

TMNT Splinter Shredder

I found these 80’s style TMNT toys in a Toys R’ Us for about 8 bucks each in Canada. That’s a nice price, especially when converted to Swedish Crowns. I bought all 4 Turtles about 10 years ago when they were re-released by the original company who owned them (don’t ask me which company that was, jeez). These are re-released and issued by Nickelodeon when they took over the franchise a few years ago. They didn’t have the busty April or the weird Foot Soldiers though, I’d get them too if they stocked them, but I’m actually more glad they had Splinter and Shredder, who are even more awesome than them.

Fun trivia: These were released using the original comic’s designs of the characters but with the coloring of the cartoon characters. That’s why they look a little bit odd when compared to the cartoon characters, especially when you look at Shredder’s bare manly chest. Mmm… that’s sweet.

There’s a dilemma though. There’s just one Raph, Mikey, Master Splinter and Shredder- but there are a lot of Foot Soldiers in the cartoon and the comics. Does that mean that one had to buy about 30-40 of them to re-enact an episode correctly?


Who doesn’t love Wario? I said:

Who doesn’t love Wario? Answer me!!

I got this one at a TJ Maxx in the US (I think) for 5 bucks. Not bad, not bad- if I may say. It’s quite big and works fine, I have it in my game room to lift up the place.

My interpretation of the text on the packaging:

3+: You need to own 3 or more of these to be taken seriously.

PULL BACK ACTION: This product will be pulled back due to faulty production that produces Choking Hazard to 20 year olds.

Wario Brute: Wario is a Brute.

19302: Wario’s Postal Adress in the Mushroom Kingdom


Target. 10 bucks. Had to get it.

Now I have 3 Nintendo themed caps.

Isn’t it lovely? Isn’t it beautiful?

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