Review: Yoshi’s Island DS


#?:  Yoshi’s Island DS

I got this game as a gift from my brother. I was genuinely surprised as I hadn’t told him I wanted this game, and then I suddenly got it for my birthday.  I was delighted! That was really delicious, truly it was.

This is a sequel to Yoshi’s Island for the SNES. as most of you already probably know, and is meant to be an improvement on all parts. The story is pretty much the same, Kamek kidnaps the… uh… kids, babies… yeah. They’re a bit too intelligent for being babies though. Anyhow, this time he manages to take Donkey Kong Jr., Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach (and so it begins), Wario and at some point you even let Baby Bowser ride you. And you will also meet Future Bowser who will betray his younger self! Exciting stuff, exciting!

Graphics: 10/10

If you thought they couldn’t update the cutesy graphics of the first game, well, you were wrong. They look better, sharper and more detailed. The levels are bigger and you get more of an overview over the levels. All in all a pretty game that isn’t for those weak to all things cutesy, who will show their weakness to that kind of stuff through projectile vomiting. Once again they left the Donkey Kong Country esque graphics out of the game, meaning we didnt get pre-rendered 3D sprites in this game either. That’s fantastic as we don’t need another game looking like that, or Bug! either. By the way, Bug! controls really bad… and it makes me slightly nauseous. Anyhow, let’s get on with the rest of the review!

Sounds & Music: 6/10

yoshis_island_ds_conceptart_v8KwBThough adorable in nature, the music quality and the tunes have gotten better, though I wouldn’t say it’s that much better than in the last game. With that many visuals to catch your attention I guess music isn’t the highest priority in production, though I’d reckon they tried. The sound effects are very good though (bar the crying and stuff, but that’s self-explanatory). I wouldn’t say the crying itself is irritating as a sound effect alone… but coupled with the stress, that having to quickly get that baby back accounts for, that makes for a great source of frustration.  Needless to say, playing the game with little to no volume won’t hurt it.


Gameplay: 8/10

largeBeing able to switch between more than one baby and utilizing their respective skills is really what makes this game stand apart from its predecessor. Not only do they use their “powers” but also affect Yoshi in different ways, such as making him swifter or slower. This affects a lot of segments of the game, mixing things up and keeping them interesting. The only con is that Wario usually is less than useful, and also not available throughout the whole game. He checks in early and then checks in pretty soon after that, probably in search for stealing treasure and other glittering things. Another con is that the challenge bar can be set quite high at some segments, such as those when you’e chased by some kind of living boulder thingy, and I felt that I passed them using a combination of luck and skill, luck making up the most of them. The aiming has gotten better and the bosses are much easier this time around. All in all a solid 8.


Replay value: 6/10

Once again, unless you’re really anal about scores there really not much in the replay value compartment. You can collect all hidden items if you’d like to.


BabyWarioIGN felt that Baby Wario was a last minute addition that wasn’t tested properly and call his magnet “wonky,” and says it “misses items that are right next to him.” They’re correct in the magnet’s inferior quality, but I’m just glad they added Wario into the game! I mean, Peach is a princess with a high-end umbrella that can withstand the strongest of gusts while Wario probably has a fixation for treasure due to being born to a poor family.


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