Gaming With My Bro

I visited my bro for some old school hanging out and gaming, to relive the good ol’ days.

While we did other things, like watching Youtube clips and eating a lot of food and snacks until we barely could breath, we mainly opted for playing video games that day.

Let me present to you his video game setup, a classy discreet displaying of the video game systems, as to show “I’ve got class, I am tidy, but there’s always room for games in a man’s life, no matter what, and one should always display games where there are games to display.” or something along those lines.


As I already said, a tidy setup- but when you open up the drawers you’re presented with the awesomest of views:


I like what my little eye is spying! That Gamecube is the very same one we bought the year it was released over here, he got to keep it when I found myself a Pearl White system. We got Super Smash Bros. Meelee for it, and as far as we were concerned, back then, that game was the only reason we needed to warrant such a purchase. It didn’t fit into the stand and he had to store it in this drawer instead.


And there’s his game collection, a good few NES titles, N64 games, PC games (he’s  more of a PC gamer than myself currently) and some Xbox games (he still hasn’t got the system but he’ll get one eventually when the need presents itself).


We played a lot of games such as James Bond 007: Tomorrow Never Dies for the N64 (where, after having “failed” the mission, I’d ultimately stroll about in the building complex and eliminate all witnesses to my deeds), Pilot Wings 64 (a short-lived endeavour as it’s much more fun when played alone), Gremlins 2 for the NES (a fun and pretty balanced adventure game starring everyone’s favorite Mogwai Gizmo), Dr. Mario (which we played for hours at end) and last, but not least F-Zero X for the N64:


Mmmm… that’s nostalgia.



2 thoughts on “Gaming With My Bro

    • They want the same amount of cash over here, it’s Highway robbery I tell ya! We got it brand new for that price which back then was justifiable.
      I hope you’ll find that and other elusive games for the cheaps somewhere some day! Such finds are awesome.


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