Some Changes Were Made But You Were Asleep…

… so you didn’t notice them!

I’ve went through all of my 350+ posts (am I crazy or what?!) systematically and made some changes in which category they should belong to. You see, when I first created the blog I couldn’t fathom the wide spectrum of posts that would accumulate, and the need for categorizing that’d follow. Say when I wrote the first ever Retro Games Hunt post, which incidentally didn’t contain any purchases, back when I didn’t know how many were to follow, and as a result I’ve found lots of them that were categorized wrongly leading to readers new and old alike to miss out on some quality posts. While doing this I also added some new categories to the Menu system at the top:

 – Video Game Ads: All of the ads that I’ve posted are collected in this subcategory.

 – Video Games in Media:  It’s not as dull as it sounds, it’s simply a category where I can put all the images I’ve found/taken on movie and TV show characters playing video games.

 – Top 10 Lists:  I had this category but not a single of the lists were categorized correctly.

 – Miscellaneous: This replaces the “Uncategorized” category.



Enjoy people!


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