Some Changes Were Made Again… And You Were Still Sleeping!

I noticed that the blog lacked some flair, while the changeable images on the top are rad and all, the blog lacked some much needed Oomph! While the menus at the top are a nice way to navigate through one will inevitably miss older posts as no one will want to work his or her way through each and every page, so I’ve added a much needed Archives Widget at the right hand side.

You can also see a much needed “Avatar” of sorts, which actually sort of looks like me in real life by the way, and that’s something I’ve wanted to implement for some time now but haven’t been able to do since I’m a little bit out of the web design scene these days. I will eventually draw myself in some kind of cool way (like The Sega Dude) and use that instead, only I might not look as wicked.

Then, in a way to promote great blogs and to keep the community alive, I have added the blogs I follow as well at the column to the right.

Well, what do you think? Are they too much? I find them quite handy myself.

I wonder about the Header at the top, you know, those interchangeable images. I initially planned to have images that would change but all would have my custom “Logo” of sorts embedded in them, but even if I use the dimensions stated by WordPress I can’t make them fit, the tool always wants to crop them beyond recognition so that parts of the header are lost. I don’t know why it’s being such a brat! Do you have a solution to this? Here’s an example of a header I was going to use:



The problem is that, even when cropped, the web browser and the mobile browser will only show a portion of the image, it simply won’t scale to fit the software used- is there a way around this?

Until next time peeps!



This GIF from:ย


10 thoughts on “Some Changes Were Made Again… And You Were Still Sleeping!

  1. Would you like some help creating your custom banners for the title bar of your site? I had a lot of fun making them for my blog.
    What’s your custom logo that you want to use? And do you have a particular font you want to use for The Martian Oddity title?

    I didn’t really create anything. I just took art that I loved and added other art that’s also not mine. But I do keep a ‘Credit’ page linking to the people who did create what I’ve used.

    I also didn’t draw my SegaDude avatar. My close friend made if for me. He’s a professional comic book artist and he is amazing at what he does.

    You can have a look at some of his stuff here:

    He’s a great friend but I still had to pay him for his time. I think my avatar cost me $100. And I’m very happy I did it. If you have the extra cash I know he’d draw one for you. But if you’ll have fun doing it yourself that’s great too!

    I love have rotating images at the top of the page. It helps make each visit feel fresh and it looks cool.


    • I’ve looked around and it seems that it’s the theme that’s the problem. I make headers in Photoshop in the correct dimensions but when viewed in another screen resolution than the WordPress standard, it simply will crop the image. This becomes a problem on most web browsers and on most platforms as the images get cropped. I think i will. However, Photoshop the images or choose them so that the Martian Oddity name won’t cover the character’s faces (such as it does on the Donkey Kong header). I’ll check out how you’ve solved that as you also have rotating headers on your theme.

      I think I’ll draw an avatar myself, I think I’d do a decent job, only not as professional or nice ๐Ÿ˜› If I’d have the money I would though, his skills are crazy good!


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