The Great Giana Sisters

There is this game called The Great Giana Sisters, produced by Germany based Time Warp Productions and published by Rainbow Arts. It shares striking similarities with Super Mario Bros. for the NES, though it was produced for the Commodore 64, especially the first level and then when it comes to gameplay and controls overall. Contrary to popular belief, however, Nintendo didn’t file a lawsuit, instead they used their hardcore business tactics (those used to bring them to the top of the video game world, you know) and influenced the cessasion of the sales of this game.

Just check this level out!


The story doesn’t end here, while it’s not a ripoff anymore, the franchise hasn’t died out- I was browsing the Wii U E-Shop when I saw the sequel Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams.

bild 1

It no longer looks like a Mario game but has adopted it’s own unique look, but still works like a platformer. As far as I can tell the game is available for the Playstation Network and The Nintendo E-Shop. To find out more about the game visit this link:

Link-LoZ-SpriteLink To Giana Sisters Webpage 

It’s always fun to see a franchise resurface like this, there sure seems to be a lot of niche markets in the gaming community these days that make it worthwhile to produce games like this one.

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