Game Hunting: The Simpsons Theft Auto Max

This time I got my hands on something really retro, as well as two games where one in the franchise has borrowed a lot from the other. Let’s take a look at them!

GTA: Liberty City Stories

Vice Vity is my favorite GTA game, and if I recall correctly this was an add-on for that game. My main activities include stealing cars, driving cars, crashing cars and then fleeing from the cops. I can’t recall ever having gone through any of the missions, in the 3D games, like ever. Got this brand new 50% off on a sale, and I hit it immediately.

simpsons game

The Simpsons Game

This is also a game I’ve wanted for a long time, but ultimately forgotten about. I found it at Game for dirt cheap and bought in almost immediately. While they’d made The Simpsons Hit n’ Run, which borrows heavily from the GTA franchise, they decided to finally make a good Simpsons game. This one recieved a lot of praise and plays as a big video game parody, which is awesome.


nes max


The NES MAX is a great controller all in all, the only con is that it’s so small for my manly man hands. It feels good though, and I got it at Game for a great price complete in box. The box has a few scuffs and one of the flaps is off a third of it’s length, but that’ll look great with some tape at the inside. I’m really content with this purchase all in all. And I got the box for it as well!


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