Game Hunting: Stop Sonic Wielding a Katana

This time around I’ve managed to find games from two different platforms, and both are games I’ve been looking for a long time, which means that I experienced great gaming joy that day.

samurai warriors katana

Samurai Warriors: Katana

This is a spin-off game in the Dynasty Warriors series, and contains elements of a semi-on-rail shooter and one where you use the Wiimote to slice and dice your foes. The controls work well and it’s not difficult to learn how to play it. Bought dirt cheap at Game, of all places, for just the right price and complete with manual and a disc in excellent condition.

sonic heroesSonic Heroes:

I got this half price brand new in a store that was getting rid of their video games stock to focus on movies mainly. I’ve wanted this game for a while and as it’s brand new there’s nothing to complain about. While remembering hearing good things about the game I will have to play the game myself to see what I think of it.




2 thoughts on “Game Hunting: Stop Sonic Wielding a Katana

  1. I’ve never really gotten into the newer Sonic games, but I do recall playing Sonic Heroes once or twice. The team system was pretty cool, but ultimately I don’t remember much else about it. I guess that’s not the greatest compliment for it’s value, huh… 😦


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