Nintendo DS Ads

When I was looking through my complete copy of Wario Master of Disguise I saw an Ad pamphlet hidden inside, and I really like these as they show off the supposed lifestyle and fashion of it’s time. Even though it doesn’t mean much right now as it should be barely 10 years old, it will be interesting to look back on in 10-20 years and remember how gamers were supposed to be back then.


First of all I noticed they’d included some ads for a few games, and one of them stood out to me, namely the one for Picross DS:

Boring ad

This one does show off some of the gameplay but looks decicively bland, and I couldn’t imagine a child or teenager wanting this game based on this ad. Did they try to snare adults to buy this for themselves? It should be an interesting puzzle game but it looks boring even so thanks to this picture.  Well, let’s compare this lackluster ad to the next one for Yoshi’s Island DS and Harvest Moon DS.

fun ad

These two ads dedicate two images each of the Dual Screen of the system and present with eye-catching vivid colors and video game art that captivates the game’s atmosphere and target audience (read: mainly kids) well. I don’t really get which auidience that Picross DS ad is trying to target. Robots?

Then there’s the mandatory advertisement that Nintendo is for the whole family, in the same vein of those for the Wii. When the Gamecube failed to be marketed as a gamer’s console, as the SNES had managed to do, Nintendo had to go back to it’s roots and focus on the whole family in it’s marketing campaigns, much like when they marketed the NES.

happy family ad

I’ve never seen any family sitting around like this in real life, have you? Even grampa over there is enjoying backseat-gaming. Wait, is this a family or a bunch of random strangers accidentally sitting down with their NDS systems? In that case I’d be worried for the girl in the green sweater, either that old man is looking at her game or has something else on his mind. Either way, family or not this collection of people seem urelated and the setting isn’t familiar to me at all.

hey there ad

Ah, the “Oh hey there!”  montage. These three friends are sure happy to see you ’cause the Wii can support up to four players! Welcome to the par-tay! Conveniently enough they all seem to belong to different ethnicities, and while that’s awesome and admirable and all it sure is eye-catching when companies do it in such a clearly visible way.


I’m Back! T’was Wedding Season

Hello everybody! I was away for a couple of weeks as my sister got married the first weekend and then my brother the next, and I was honored to be toastmaster at the first wedding and then best man at the second one. They were marvellous indeed!

For the second wedding I sneaked in a symbol of my retro nerdhood that was discrete enough that I had to show it to people for them to notice, and I got many compliments when they did. The sweet thing about this is that my wife got these cufflinks for me as a surprise gift and I was delighted to be able to show them off during such a nice occasion!

NES Ctrl

NES Ctrl 2

Now that the weddings are over I’m going to be at it again with new content that I’ve collected during these two weeks. This being a one-man blog and all means that I need some downtime to collect inspiration and content to post on this blog and now that I’ve been able to do that I’ll be able to write (hopefully) good stuff for you to read. There’ll be Retro Games Hunt posts (who will be renamed in one sitting to something more fitting, please give suggestions below) and other video game related goodness.

See y’alls around! Keep an eye on the WordPress Reader or your e-mail inboxes for the new update!

Game Hunting: Super Donkey Kong 3D World: Tropical Freeze

I know!! It’s not retro! But it’s too much of a hassle to change the title on each and every entry now isn’t it? Sure, you guys probably couldn’t care less, but it really bothers me. Maybe I ought to call this something in the lines of:

“Video Game Hunting”

“Good Will Hunting”

“I’ll Buy it if it’s Cheap!”

“Spare Change?”

“It’s My Life, and it’s Now or Never”

“I’m Gonna Live Forever”

“Search for Games”

If you have any better suggestions I’d really like to hear them, these ones were difficult to come up with! Anyhow, let’s get this one started!

mario and donkey

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Super Mario 3D World

My wife bought these for us, she really is perfect! She bought them 2 months ago and we beat Super Mario 3D World already and sure had a blast playing through it all! We didn’t get all the stars and all the flags and such, but had a lot of fun while playing this game, me choosing Mario and she Princess Peach.

Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze is really fun as well and packed with a difficulty curve that rivals the original SNES titles. We’re at the 3rd world currently and haven’t played much more since we got our hands on Mario Kart 8!

donkey k

I really like this reference to the first The Legend of Zelda game to the NES, this dude clearly references what the Old Man says when he gives Link his first Wooden Sword.

 mario bowser

This view of Bowser’s World really was stunning and colorful, and truly befitting a final boss! The background music really was funky too and went well together with the design.

mario lore

It’s true as this gamer says: The manual of the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES clearly states that Bowser has turned the inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom into bricks and such, which means that you run around committing murders throughout the game whenever you destroy a brick.


Mario Kart 8

I apoligize as I didn’t have a photo of the case itself, and ultimately I had to borrow one from the Internet, follow the link below to the original image.

This has to be the best installment in the series thus far, it’s really fun to play both alone and with friends, and the new mechanics feel relevant and bring a lot of new elements to the gameplay while maintaining the core aspects of the franchise. The graphics are top-notch, the music magnificent and the gameplay near-perfect. A must have for all Wii U owners and Mario Kart fans! We got this as a pre-order – we just couldn’t wait to play it!

Last image from:

I See Video Games EVERYWHERE


I was shopping in IKEA when I saw these stuck on their shelf, game sprite bead art! Those ‘shrooms sure look magnificent. IKEA is the last place I expected to find video game themed stuff, probably there’s lurking a gamer amongst the staff…

 We ended up buying two bead sets. IKEA 1 – MartianOddity 0.


And you know that you’ve played too much Tetris when you see Squigglies and Reverse Squigglies everywhere. I saw this one in a gardening store.

In all honestly, how do you even use these blocks?!