I’m Back! T’was Wedding Season

Hello everybody! I was away for a couple of weeks as my sister got married the first weekend and then my brother the next, and I was honored to be toastmaster at the first wedding and then best man at the second one. They were marvellous indeed!

For the second wedding I sneaked in a symbol of my retro nerdhood that was discrete enough that I had to show it to people for them to notice, and I got many compliments when they did. The sweet thing about this is that my wife got these cufflinks for me as a surprise gift and I was delighted to be able to show them off during such a nice occasion!

NES Ctrl

NES Ctrl 2

Now that the weddings are over I’m going to be at it again with new content that I’ve collected during these two weeks. This being a one-man blog and all means that I need some downtime to collect inspiration and content to post on this blog and now that I’ve been able to do that I’ll be able to write (hopefully) good stuff for you to read. There’ll be Retro Games Hunt posts (who will be renamed in one sitting to something more fitting, please give suggestions below) and other video game related goodness.

See y’alls around! Keep an eye on the WordPress Reader or your e-mail inboxes for the new update!

Please reply for all the Oddities in the World!

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