Nintendo DS Ads

When I was looking through my complete copy of Wario Master of Disguise I saw an Ad pamphlet hidden inside, and I really like these as they show off the supposed lifestyle and fashion of it’s time. Even though it doesn’t mean much right now as it should be barely 10 years old, it will be interesting to look back on in 10-20 years and remember how gamers were supposed to be back then.


First of all I noticed they’d included some ads for a few games, and one of them stood out to me, namely the one for Picross DS:

Boring ad

This one does show off some of the gameplay but looks decicively bland, and I couldn’t imagine a child or teenager wanting this game based on this ad. Did they try to snare adults to buy this for themselves? It should be an interesting puzzle game but it looks boring even so thanks to this picture.  Well, let’s compare this lackluster ad to the next one for Yoshi’s Island DS and Harvest Moon DS.

fun ad

These two ads dedicate two images each of the Dual Screen of the system and present with eye-catching vivid colors and video game art that captivates the game’s atmosphere and target audience (read: mainly kids) well. I don’t really get which auidience that Picross DS ad is trying to target. Robots?

Then there’s the mandatory advertisement that Nintendo is for the whole family, in the same vein of those for the Wii. When the Gamecube failed to be marketed as a gamer’s console, as the SNES had managed to do, Nintendo had to go back to it’s roots and focus on the whole family in it’s marketing campaigns, much like when they marketed the NES.

happy family ad

I’ve never seen any family sitting around like this in real life, have you? Even grampa over there is enjoying backseat-gaming. Wait, is this a family or a bunch of random strangers accidentally sitting down with their NDS systems? In that case I’d be worried for the girl in the green sweater, either that old man is looking at her game or has something else on his mind. Either way, family or not this collection of people seem urelated and the setting isn’t familiar to me at all.

hey there ad

Ah, the “Oh hey there!”  montage. These three friends are sure happy to see you ’cause the Wii can support up to four players! Welcome to the par-tay! Conveniently enough they all seem to belong to different ethnicities, and while that’s awesome and admirable and all it sure is eye-catching when companies do it in such a clearly visible way.

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