Unlikely Versus No. 10

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Mega Man X vs. Mega Man

I was requested to make a Mega Man vs. Proto Man Unlikely Versus a good while ago, but they’re too dissimilar in a sense, and I couldn’t really put my finger on why I felt that way. They’re kind of “brothers”, with Proto Man being a robot created by Dr. Wily using the blueprints of Mega Man, though he’s not much stronger bar his shield. And he can’t absorb powers either. Anyhow, I wanted someone with a bit more in common, so I chose, as I’ve done in the last two Unlikely Versus posts, to use two markedly different characters based on the same idea, which is why I choose to pit Mega Man X against his original senior, the Blue Bomber- Mega Man.

Their shared background:

Mega Man came first, and then years later Capcom created one of the most successful revamps of a video game character to date- Mega Man X, in an effort to breathe new life into the franchise. While they continued creating Mega Man games, X was where their main attention was. For simplicity’s sake, let’s just call the original Mega Man simply “Mega” and the revamp “X“. They’re similar in the way that they’re the same character, both created by Dr. Light, but with different stories and personalities. Mega is more cheerful, and not initially created to be a weapon, while X is more quiet, reserved and serious, and as far as we know, he was created to be a weapon for peace. While Mega took on the cape himself to be a hero, X never had a choice in the matter. Mega is part of a team battling Dr. Wily while X is part of the Maverick Hunters, some kind of military group who hunts down Mavericks, Reploids (robots like X and even Mega are) who have been infected by a computer virus and are now evil in nature. The Mavericks follow the former no. 1 hunter, Sigma, who got “infected” first. At least that’s how the short story goes, if I recall correctly.

Their strengths:

Mega Man is a cheerful and fearless robot hero who can copy a good few powerups after defeating his enemies, sometimes even modifications with his own twist. He can also use Rush, his trusted robot dog, to help him get to hard to reach environments with Rush acting as a Jet, Submarine or Coil. He can implement Rush into his design as evidenced by later installments in the series. He can also shoot a Charge Shot from his Mega Buster, and slide to reach narrow paths. There’s also the possibility to gather E Tanks almost limitlessly and use them for instant recovery. Despite his cheerful nature he’s seldom seen making mistakes.

Mega Man X also absorbs his fallen enemies’ abilities and attacks, but lacks Rush. But what he lacks in Rush he more than readily packs in his armor upgrades who give him better and better abiilities, like increased defence, Dashing, Double Jump etc. He can carry 4 Energy Tanks usually, and also has the ability to increase his base Energy as well. His X buster is stronger than Mega’s, and boasts of an improved fire power and three different kinds of Charge Shots, as well as one final grand Charge Shot which is aquired later in the games. He can also control a few robot suits as well, both as a means of movement, defence and attack. He’s serious and valiant, and has a knack to rush into opponents much stronger than himself, sometimes needing the aid of Zero to get out of there alive.

Their weaknesses:

Mega Man has an overall lower defence when compared to X, especially when taken into account the latters armor upgrades. His maneuverability is also impaired as he’s slower and less nimble when compared to his revamp counterpart. He’s very weak when it comes to spikes! A single tap and he explodes instantly.

Mega Man X is too rash at times, and his improved movement capabilities can make him prone to running into enemies if not too careful. He, too, carries an enormous weakness to spikes, and will self-detonate of he’s even scratched by the tip of one of them. He can’t fly either and moves slower in water when compared to a Mega who uses Rush.


All things considered,X has more fire-power, more versatile movements and a greater defence. All in all, even though Mega Man would’ve gotten a full stock of E Tanks, he’d be greatly outmaneuvred, even when taking into account his brief advantages in water and in air. He simply wouldn’t last as long, and his future counterpart, who was built as an improvement and as a pure war machine with a heart, is intended to be an improvement over the original after all. X would annihilate Mega… so:

Mega Man X emerges as the winner!


Images from: nintendo.wikia.com and megaman.wikia.com


Game Hunting: It’s Nintendo Time!

This is part of a bigger game loot really, but there were too many games to display in one single post and I divided them into two separate ones. These ones were bought simulateneously though, and from GAME. They’re getting rid of stuff in their stock and I got these for a favourable price, even when compared to online sources like Ebay.

Wii Music I’d been looking Wii Music for s for a long time for a decent price, and preferably with the cardboard cover present, and also preferably on sale or for a very favorable price. And finally, I did! This is a game where you control your Mii avatar and learn to play music using the Wiimote and Nunchuck for simulating different instruments. It seems fun, though I guess it’ll grow old faster than one’d think as this probably is a title to showcase the system’s capabilities. I have a soft spot for these kind of games, and in this shape I had to go for it.

Metroid Other M


Being a Metroid fan I’ve been looking for Metroid: Other M for a while as well, and finally found it even cheaper than the standard pricing on the ‘nets (around 7-9 £). Even though it’s been critisized a lot by critics and “purists” alike, I feel that I need to give it a shot. I find the aspect of finding out more about Samus interesting, though the abundance of cutscenes might get a bit too much (another reason why I don’t play most JRPG’s as I prefer a video game, not an interactive movie). Other than that I don’t know too much about the game, and I’ll leave it to myself to find out more.

Face TrainingI got Face Training… for free! They wanted to get rid of it and I was more than happy to help them. It’s a DSi game and won’t work with the Phat DS and the DS Lite as they lack cameras. I always found the “insert name” Training series interesting as they aren’t pure video games. And when free, why not get it? I already downloaded Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training for free on my Wii U a few weeks ago (and boy does it look fugly on my big screen TV) so I was glad to get this one too.

The 386th Post…!

Ya’ll Pokémaniacs know what this means!!

Generation III of Pokémon, in other words Pokémon Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald versions (who are to be remade and released later this year as Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!) had a total of 386 Pokémon to offer, and virtual cockfighting had never been any more fun (unless you count the previous generations who were better, let the flaming begin!).

Anyhow, to commemorate this milestone I found an image of all 386 Pokémon… as cats!


cat39Video games and cats! Alright!


impokedex251 386impokedex

Images from: http://the-best-animals.blogspot.se/2010_04_01_archive.html and http://www.burntheinternet.com/p/the-impostor-minineko-pokedex.html


Game Hunting: Hidden Games


First of all I got 3 games for the price of 2 at GAME for a very favorable price. The first is Super Dragon Ball Z which uses the Dragonball Z Budokai engine and is produced by the creatpr of the Street Fighter 2 franchise. I hope that it’ll be good, as I’m a big fan of Dragonball Z fighting games. It has gotten decent reviews if I recall correctly. The second and third games are of the Viewtiful Joe franchise. These Capcom- produced games are really good and lets you control a guy that has to tacle the role of a movie’s Super Hero and has a lot of visually appealing effects, such as slow motion and fast motion fighing. This is a beat-em up that let’s you acquire more skills and attacks as you keep on playing. The first game was supposed to be a Gamecube exclusive but was ported to the Playstation 2 after staggering sales of the system.


Then I found Time Splitters 2 and Jak 3 at a thrift store similar to The Salvation Army for a symbolic price tag Time Splitters 2 is an acclaimed shooter who gained a lot of positive attention around the release of the Playstation 2, which is why I was curious what the buzz was all about back then. The Jak and Daxter series has also recieved a lot of positive critisism and was cheap enough to warrant a purchase. As a fan of 3D platformers I reckoned I couldn’t go wrong with this one.
Surprise game 2When I got home I noticed that the Time Splitters 2 box was heavier than the rest of the boxes. Opening up I was graced with this view, the box contained a bonus game. I didn’t see the case for this game so I decided to keep it as they wouldn’t be able to sell the game after all if it would’ve been returned. I’m going to print the cover and put the game in a case. That’s such a pleasant surprise indeed!

And that’s pretty much it for this week. As they’re trying to get rid of their Playstation 2 inventory and, since the system sold better than the others, this is the right time to pick up some good deals (before the games become collectibles, that is!).

Summertime Leads to a Change in Layout



Well, technically it’s Fall right now… at least over here! I’d been bothered by the problematic headers from my previous themes, you know, those that wouldn’t adapt to the hardware used to view the blog and resolution settings. I found this very similar theme, twentyeleven, that looks a wee bit better than twentythirteen. And the headers work flawlessly here, which is ace!

I’ve Photoshopped a few headers, totally four of them at the moment, who change on each page much like my previous theme did. I’m planning to create a few more of them with Link, Samus, Sonic etc. Also I’ve added Wario as some sort of “Avatar” of sorts until I can post a satisfactory caricature of myself. I just can’t capture myself that well, and my biggest problem is what clothing I should wear. The face and expression has turned out well though, and that ought to be the most difficult part. The rest is crud, from the pose to clothing and the setting and such. Also I need something better than Photoshop to draw in, but Mangastudio (which I’ve tried and love) is way too expensive for me at the moment.

I’ve also added a few widgets to the left (it seemed more natural that way considering the rest of this blog’s current design).

There’ll be lots of posts in the future, I’m tinkering on 11 drafts, and you’ll be able to read about Game Hunting, Gaming merchandise, weird stuff I’ve encountered during my travels (movie and video game related) and also about some arcade gaming, amongst others.



Image from: Filmmuffin


Retro Games Hunt is No More!

Due to diminishing interest I’ve decided to…

Hah! Got ya’, didn’t I?  You thought I was going to cease writing Retro Games Hunt didn’t you? Well, I’m doing nothing of the sort, actually, I’ll be continuing presenting what I’ve bought for you as you seem to enjoy it, after all.

Remember when I asked about a new name for Retro Games Hunt as the previous name made no sense as I do buy games that aren’t retro. And dividing them into two different categories wasn’t optimal either so I decided to just change the name. After lots of consideration I chose to keep it simple and just call it Games Hunt, as the part of the title after the colon (not the intestinal kind, mind you!) is the one where I try to put something witty, funny or bizzare. I can’t make up my mind which of those three I should use every time though!

So, for your information, Retro Games Hunt is no more. But it lives on, it’s essence unchanged, in the form of Game Hunting. And I’ve even gone as far as to change all previous posts too!

Sonic-the-hedgehog-thumbs-upImage from: http://sonic.wikia.com/


Become a Radical Nintendo Dude!

Nintendo dude


Just look at this amazingly retro 80’s ad. I have a hard time imagining kids wanting to look like that today, though I’d nag my parents to no end to get this gear when I was a kid. I wasn’t even aware apparel wearing the Nintendo logo even existed until I was much older. The prices aren’t even too off when compared to current ones I’ve seen in the US during my travels.

Show your allegiance with the Nintendo Power Patches. Collect all six. 

This sounds almost militant in some way, maybe that’s because I never was much of a sports fan (aside from Martial Arts) when growing up. Where would you fit all six of these anyways?

Arm yourself with a Camerica CAC280 Supersonic Joystick with wireless remote.

Alright, this is positively militant, just a little hint of violence to promote merchandise to little kids. A wireless remote is pretty rad though, and displaying the model numbers sure made products seem more futuristic so kudos for that.

Take cover under this Ninetendo Cap. 5 designs in Men’s/ Children’s sizes.

Considering the previous three sentences I’d conclude that they’re not meaning that you should take cover from ordinary rain under this cap- they want you to take cover from a bullet rain.  What’s also interesting is the typo. Can you spot it?


If you don’t believe me check the original image.

Also it’s notable that they have 5 different designs in Men’s and Children’s sizes. What about the Women? Right, they weren’t considered gamers back then, my bad. There was a huge market to exploit over there if they’d paid enough attention.

Gear up for the games in this Nintendo Sweatshirt.

Gear up? You needed gearing up for Nintendo games? That explains why I wasn’t The Wizard while playing video games as a kid. Wait, the other kids that were great at games didn’t have Nintendo gear either… Well, at least it’d make you look good.

Honor your victories with Nintendo Pins. Collect all eighteen.

What were they trying to do, convince parents that Nintendo will teach them the basic values needed when they’re would enlist when grown up? This sounds like something out of Mortal Kombat. “Honor your victories!” I don’t have a hard time understanding how one would fit eighteen pins on clothing, I’ve seen it done both on backpacks and caps.

Go where the action is with the Z-Bag HD28Q Nintendo Custom Carrying Case.

Seriously, what’s up with these super-complex product names? It does sound cool though! It also happens to feature High Definition (HD), as evidenced by the model name. Also, I wonder what they mean with “go where the action is” as it obviously should be at home, you know, as they said in the Nintendo commercials back then? So in conclusion one would presume they mean that you should take the bag from your bedroom to your living room.

Take the offensive using the MPI Video. You’ll learn the secrets of 22 Nintendo games.

Yeah, take the offensive, man!