Crafting and Fiddling: Control your Mushrooms

I wanted to make a NES Controller with a custom sticker on it, and while I scoured the ‘nets for the countless amazing skins available, I ordered this one controller. I reasoned like this; it lacks the usual design-plate and will thus be cheaper, and it was. What I didn’t think of was… well… take a look.

Nes Controller 1

Something must’ve made the plate fall off, either it’s abuse or… abuse, really.  It was cheap, but unlike the description on the site it turned out to be defective “Fully functioning” my arse. I sent the seller a message, and s/he explained that they’d unfortunately sent the wrong unit and that they’d send one free of charge and that this one was mine to keep for spare parts. Good deal, if you ask me!

Nes controller 3

Anyhow, I recieved this controller from a courier with a silly wig and ridiculous accent, and inappropriately proper clothing for our time. I cleaned the surface as instructed and added this easily-removable but yet sturdy sticker and… and it turned out very well- nostalgia kicked in and I was having nostalgia induced seizures in no time.

NES Controller 4

Here’s the end result! Pretty sick, isn’t it?

Then I’ve been busy sorting lots and lots of beads, you know, those we got from IKEA. First thing I wanted to create was the iconic mushrooms from Super Mario Bros. 3- and as you can see these look a bit different from those at IKEA. I created them in all available colors and also managed to create one with all colors later on, but that one broke later on unfortunately. I glued on some paper and some of those sticky cotton pads that you put on furniture to prevent them scratching the floor and voilá! My custom Super Mario Bros. Mushroom Bead Glass Coasters were done!



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