Retro Games Hunt is No More!

Due to diminishing interest I’ve decided to…

Hah! Got ya’, didn’t I?  You thought I was going to cease writing Retro Games Hunt didn’t you? Well, I’m doing nothing of the sort, actually, I’ll be continuing presenting what I’ve bought for you as you seem to enjoy it, after all.

Remember when I asked about a new name for Retro Games Hunt as the previous name made no sense as I do buy games that aren’t retro. And dividing them into two different categories wasn’t optimal either so I decided to just change the name. After lots of consideration I chose to keep it simple and just call it Games Hunt, as the part of the title after the colon (not the intestinal kind, mind you!) is the one where I try to put something witty, funny or bizzare. I can’t make up my mind which of those three I should use every time though!

So, for your information, Retro Games Hunt is no more. But it lives on, it’s essence unchanged, in the form of Game Hunting. And I’ve even gone as far as to change all previous posts too!

Sonic-the-hedgehog-thumbs-upImage from:


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