Summertime Leads to a Change in Layout



Well, technically it’s Fall right now… at least over here! I’d been bothered by the problematic headers from my previous themes, you know, those that wouldn’t adapt to the hardware used to view the blog and resolution settings. I found this very similar theme, twentyeleven, that looks a wee bit better than twentythirteen. And the headers work flawlessly here, which is ace!

I’ve Photoshopped a few headers, totally four of them at the moment, who change on each page much like my previous theme did. I’m planning to create a few more of them with Link, Samus, Sonic etc. Also I’ve added Wario as some sort of “Avatar” of sorts until I can post a satisfactory caricature of myself. I just can’t capture myself that well, and my biggest problem is what clothing I should wear. The face and expression has turned out well though, and that ought to be the most difficult part. The rest is crud, from the pose to clothing and the setting and such. Also I need something better than Photoshop to draw in, but Mangastudio (which I’ve tried and love) is way too expensive for me at the moment.

I’ve also added a few widgets to the left (it seemed more natural that way considering the rest of this blog’s current design).

There’ll be lots of posts in the future, I’m tinkering on 11 drafts, and you’ll be able to read about Game Hunting, Gaming merchandise, weird stuff I’ve encountered during my travels (movie and video game related) and also about some arcade gaming, amongst others.



Image from: Filmmuffin



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