Game Hunting: Hidden Games


First of all I got 3 games for the price of 2 at GAME for a very favorable price. The first is Super Dragon Ball Z which uses the Dragonball Z Budokai engine and is produced by the creatpr of the Street Fighter 2 franchise. I hope that it’ll be good, as I’m a big fan of Dragonball Z fighting games. It has gotten decent reviews if I recall correctly. The second and third games are of the Viewtiful Joe franchise. These Capcom- produced games are really good and lets you control a guy that has to tacle the role of a movie’s Super Hero and has a lot of visually appealing effects, such as slow motion and fast motion fighing. This is a beat-em up that let’s you acquire more skills and attacks as you keep on playing. The first game was supposed to be a Gamecube exclusive but was ported to the Playstation 2 after staggering sales of the system.


Then I found Time Splitters 2 and Jak 3 at a thrift store similar to The Salvation Army for a symbolic price tag Time Splitters 2 is an acclaimed shooter who gained a lot of positive attention around the release of the Playstation 2, which is why I was curious what the buzz was all about back then. The Jak and Daxter series has also recieved a lot of positive critisism and was cheap enough to warrant a purchase. As a fan of 3D platformers I reckoned I couldn’t go wrong with this one.
Surprise game 2When I got home I noticed that the Time Splitters 2 box was heavier than the rest of the boxes. Opening up I was graced with this view, the box contained a bonus game. I didn’t see the case for this game so I decided to keep it as they wouldn’t be able to sell the game after all if it would’ve been returned. I’m going to print the cover and put the game in a case. That’s such a pleasant surprise indeed!

And that’s pretty much it for this week. As they’re trying to get rid of their Playstation 2 inventory and, since the system sold better than the others, this is the right time to pick up some good deals (before the games become collectibles, that is!).

5 thoughts on “Game Hunting: Hidden Games

  1. I recently bought xenosaga III on eBay for $40. Worth it since it is SO hard to find. I also have written a few budget video game pieces on my blog. I think I may do one more later down the road, but not sure yet.


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