Game Hunting: It’s Nintendo Time!

This is part of a bigger game loot really, but there were too many games to display in one single post and I divided them into two separate ones. These ones were bought simulateneously though, and from GAME. They’re getting rid of stuff in their stock and I got these for a favourable price, even when compared to online sources like Ebay.

Wii Music I’d been looking Wii Music for s for a long time for a decent price, and preferably with the cardboard cover present, and also preferably on sale or for a very favorable price. And finally, I did! This is a game where you control your Mii avatar and learn to play music using the Wiimote and Nunchuck for simulating different instruments. It seems fun, though I guess it’ll grow old faster than one’d think as this probably is a title to showcase the system’s capabilities. I have a soft spot for these kind of games, and in this shape I had to go for it.

Metroid Other M


Being a Metroid fan I’ve been looking for Metroid: Other M for a while as well, and finally found it even cheaper than the standard pricing on the ‘nets (around 7-9 £). Even though it’s been critisized a lot by critics and “purists” alike, I feel that I need to give it a shot. I find the aspect of finding out more about Samus interesting, though the abundance of cutscenes might get a bit too much (another reason why I don’t play most JRPG’s as I prefer a video game, not an interactive movie). Other than that I don’t know too much about the game, and I’ll leave it to myself to find out more.

Face TrainingI got Face Training… for free! They wanted to get rid of it and I was more than happy to help them. It’s a DSi game and won’t work with the Phat DS and the DS Lite as they lack cameras. I always found the “insert name” Training series interesting as they aren’t pure video games. And when free, why not get it? I already downloaded Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training for free on my Wii U a few weeks ago (and boy does it look fugly on my big screen TV) so I was glad to get this one too.


3 thoughts on “Game Hunting: It’s Nintendo Time!

  1. Other M… I bought that from Best Buy for $5 a couple years ago. I still have not opened it hah. Maybe someday, but I have The Last Story and Xenoblade to still beat.


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