Unlikely Versus No. 10

mega man vs mega man x martianoddity


Mega Man X vs. Mega Man

I was requested to make a Mega Man vs. Proto Man Unlikely Versus a good while ago, but they’re too dissimilar in a sense, and I couldn’t really put my finger on why I felt that way. They’re kind of “brothers”, with Proto Man being a robot created by Dr. Wily using the blueprints of Mega Man, though he’s not much stronger bar his shield. And he can’t absorb powers either. Anyhow, I wanted someone with a bit more in common, so I chose, as I’ve done in the last two Unlikely Versus posts, to use two markedly different characters based on the same idea, which is why I choose to pit Mega Man X against his original senior, the Blue Bomber- Mega Man.

Their shared background:

Mega Man came first, and then years later Capcom created one of the most successful revamps of a video game character to date- Mega Man X, in an effort to breathe new life into the franchise. While they continued creating Mega Man games, X was where their main attention was. For simplicity’s sake, let’s just call the original Mega Man simply “Mega” and the revamp “X“. They’re similar in the way that they’re the same character, both created by Dr. Light, but with different stories and personalities. Mega is more cheerful, and not initially created to be a weapon, while X is more quiet, reserved and serious, and as far as we know, he was created to be a weapon for peace. While Mega took on the cape himself to be a hero, X never had a choice in the matter. Mega is part of a team battling Dr. Wily while X is part of the Maverick Hunters, some kind of military group who hunts down Mavericks, Reploids (robots like X and even Mega are) who have been infected by a computer virus and are now evil in nature. The Mavericks follow the former no. 1 hunter, Sigma, who got “infected” first. At least that’s how the short story goes, if I recall correctly.

Their strengths:

Mega Man is a cheerful and fearless robot hero who can copy a good few powerups after defeating his enemies, sometimes even modifications with his own twist. He can also use Rush, his trusted robot dog, to help him get to hard to reach environments with Rush acting as a Jet, Submarine or Coil. He can implement Rush into his design as evidenced by later installments in the series. He can also shoot a Charge Shot from his Mega Buster, and slide to reach narrow paths. There’s also the possibility to gather E Tanks almost limitlessly and use them for instant recovery. Despite his cheerful nature he’s seldom seen making mistakes.

Mega Man X also absorbs his fallen enemies’ abilities and attacks, but lacks Rush. But what he lacks in Rush he more than readily packs in his armor upgrades who give him better and better abiilities, like increased defence, Dashing, Double Jump etc. He can carry 4 Energy Tanks usually, and also has the ability to increase his base Energy as well. His X buster is stronger than Mega’s, and boasts of an improved fire power and three different kinds of Charge Shots, as well as one final grand Charge Shot which is aquired later in the games. He can also control a few robot suits as well, both as a means of movement, defence and attack. He’s serious and valiant, and has a knack to rush into opponents much stronger than himself, sometimes needing the aid of Zero to get out of there alive.

Their weaknesses:

Mega Man has an overall lower defence when compared to X, especially when taken into account the latters armor upgrades. His maneuverability is also impaired as he’s slower and less nimble when compared to his revamp counterpart. He’s very weak when it comes to spikes! A single tap and he explodes instantly.

Mega Man X is too rash at times, and his improved movement capabilities can make him prone to running into enemies if not too careful. He, too, carries an enormous weakness to spikes, and will self-detonate of he’s even scratched by the tip of one of them. He can’t fly either and moves slower in water when compared to a Mega who uses Rush.


All things considered,X has more fire-power, more versatile movements and a greater defence. All in all, even though Mega Man would’ve gotten a full stock of E Tanks, he’d be greatly outmaneuvred, even when taking into account his brief advantages in water and in air. He simply wouldn’t last as long, and his future counterpart, who was built as an improvement and as a pure war machine with a heart, is intended to be an improvement over the original after all. X would annihilate Mega… so:

Mega Man X emerges as the winner!


Images from: nintendo.wikia.com and megaman.wikia.com


2 thoughts on “Unlikely Versus No. 10

  1. Nice! I would have given the OG Mega Man one more positive: he’s short. Because he is so short, Mega Man X would have to bend down to even shoot Mega Man since his shots would fly over his head hah. Great post!


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