Nintendo Customer Service 1991

I found this video that is video describing how to handle customers who want help with their products. I find it hilarious!



Game Hunting: Gun Down That Disguised Bionic Box

This time I’ve got a good few games from different platforms and from different places. They were all scored for a good deal and are games I’ve been looking at for a while. Let’s get started with the first game.

GUNI got this game as a last-minute bid at Tradera, our equivalent of Ebay (incidentally it is owned by none other than Ebay). Gun is a first person shooter set in a Western Setting, and that’s why I bought it. It has raked in decent reviews as well. I love gaming on the Gamecube, and seeing this game for a low price warranted a purchase from my part, I just couldn’t let this lovely game pass. Also. that cover is just magnificently cool!

BoxxleThen I got this game from Ebay UK. I tried to win it in a bid at Tradera, but some jerk bidded way higher than this game one is worth. Swedes have themselves to blame for inflating the prices on these games, even for those that aren’t even from this region (SCN, for Scandinavia). Boxxle is a Sokoban puzzle clone where you control some dude that solves some puzzles through pushing around boxes to cover some dots, or switches, if you will. While I played the PC version as a kid, where the dude had a bandanna and had huge eyes, and had a level shaped like the manji sign of the sun (but which I incorrectly translated as the slightly different Swastica sign which is mirrored and has no angle and deduced that the game was produced by Nazi’s). In this one you control some typical dude with a cap and there’s this shallow story where you meet a girl and want to give her a gift. What that has to do with using both mental and physical force to push around wooden crates is beyond me.


This is yet another game I owned as a kid, and I remember it being hard as balls. I had to get Bionic Commando when I saw it listed for 10 £ at Ebay UK, as it’s usually listed for anything between 15-20 £ usually. I guess video game prices go up and down corresponding to popularity and such- since the other copies for offer were a bit cheaper over all. While I managed to clear three levels as a kid I’m considerably better nowadays, but that doesn’t mean that Bionic Commando is a cakewalk, no, it’s still as hard as a bionic penis at the International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo.

Wario DisguiseWhat’s a Game Hunting post without some “It’s Wario time! Wahahahaha!“. I’m starting to get closer to complete my Wario collection, and am missing only a few (but I won’t get that Virtual Boy Wario Land as I don’t want a Virtual Boy at all. But for the right price…). This game seemed really fun and only cost around 5£ which is why I got it. It controls differently than what’s convention thus far in the franchise, and you can use both the D-pad or the A,B,X and Y buttons to move Wario around. For actions such as tackling and such you have to use the stylus; while taking a few minutes to get used to it blends in well with the rest of the elements of the game, such as how you’re supposed to draw the disguises on Wario. While only neccessary to show off the quirks of the Nintendo DS system, it manages to be fun never the less.

Yet another game we owned as a kid, and a decent fighting game for the Nintendo 64, I DRhad to get Dark Rift for what I consider a symbolic sum, It’s quite difficult and I can’t fathom how we were able to best the opponents as kids. This is the first released fighting game for the Nintendo 64, and I wouldn’t really recommend it if you lack nostalgia for it, as it’d drive you nuts otherwise. I mean, we have games like Street Fighter 2 and 4 and the likes to thank for that- but if you’re curious to try it out I wouldn’t think it’d be a bad idea since it’s so cheap to get.

Wario Land 4 Weirdness

I was playing Wario Land 4 when I got to that Music Gallery or whatever, and I saw some real weirdness á la Wario Ware going on to the right.

weird wario 1

There are a few CD’s you can collect throughout the stages, some more easily and some with more diffciculty. Needless to say I only got those that happened to be in my way. Well, let’s analyze some of the oddballs you can see right where Wario is in the screenshot above, and remember that they’re animated, sometimes in an even more odd way.

weird wario 6Nerdy Wario: This is probably some awesome staff member weird wario 5who cosplays as Wario. And incidentally this is the only odd, and awesome, image that I’ll show both animations of. It resembles some kind of alternate universe Wario… a Wario that’s sophisticated. Brains over brawns!

weird wario 10


Weird… Panther?: What is this? It smiles and it’s eyes bulge out… it looks kind but looks like a predator of sorts. It’s your friend I presume, but what is he doing here?


weird wario 9Space Dude:Why is he here? Is that a space helmet or is it a television he has put over his head? I don’t like his face one bit. There’s some Backpfeifengesicht going on over here.


weird wario 8

Labrador: It’s just a plain dog. And it’s cute enough to earn it’s place.




weird wario 4Anonymous Dude: Then there’s this dude, I think it might be weird wario 7related to that cat that follows you around or something, you know, the one who helps you fight the bosses using the weapons you get from your mini game coins. And he even has two different animated pictures.

weird wario 3Strawberry: It is what it looks like, a plain and boring strawberry. And it’s weird as heck.



Rockin’ Baby: Then there’s this oneweird wario 2 that freaks me out the most. It’s a baby, or a doll maybe, that has a creepy look to it’s face. It has that look that says “I know.“. What does it know? Do I need to be afraid? Who is that baby? Where are its parents? Why is it here?



Now Playing: Boxing the Stars In The Tropics: Round 2


I was playing Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2 for the Playstation 2 (which is entertaining to say the least) when I was pitted against Michael Jackson as a boxer.

Michael Jackson as a boxer.

Michael Jackson as a boxer.

Michael Jackson as a boxer.

That’s hardcore badassery right there. I have to unlock that man, and that STAT! Apparently this is how you should do it:

At the main menu, highlight the “Arcade” option, then press LEFT 2 times, RIGHT 2 times, LEFT, RIGHT, L+R to get Michael Jackson. You’ll hear a cheering noise if entered correctly. Source: IGN


You can also unlock Shaquille O’ Neal using a similar code. I’ll unlock Michael Jackson and only use him and no one else.

Ready 2 Moonwalk      By: The Martian Oddity

Where there’s M.J.,to others I’ll say nay.

He appeared in Moonwalker,

rescued kids, danced baddies to death, and wasn’t much of a talker.

Years later when the Genesis was dead,

even in Brazil!, he appeared in Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Round 2 instead.

I boxed his face black and bruised,

filled with regret, I should’ve instead a Moonwalk used.

That’s more of his language proper,

What I did was totally a showstopper.

Now I’ll have to unlock The King of Pop and remove the tether,

press left two times, right two times, left right and L and R together,

Then I’ll be able to stop being upset,

and Moonwalk with Michael into the sunset.

Startropics 1

And then some Startropics for the NES! I’m at the 3rd (?) level where you’re stranded. I finished the hellish dungeon where ostriches with human skulls are chasing you around. Then I was subjected to a very irritating dungeon as soon as I woke up on the shore, and from this point onwards the difficulty racks up very fast, in the usual NES game way. And it’s frustrating as hell! And the images from my CRT TV suck as I don’t know why they’d show these lines when they haven’t done that before. Oh, well.

Anyhow I exit that dungeon to reach the locals, and walk up to the dude, presumably the Chief of the village of Miracola, who says:Startropics 2

That’s hilaruous. He got me!Startropics 3Also I dig the Pause screen, which shows your character holding a sign saying “Pause”. That’s fun!


Game Hunting: Even More PS2 Gaming Goodness

This time I present to you even more Playstation 2 games in this week’s Game Hunting. As you can get them for no more than 2-3 bucks each in pristine condition (usually in used condition but sometimes even brand new and sealed) it sure is the right time to score those games you’ve been looking for to the PS2 library, as everyone clears our their collection to get money for newer systems, or are moving on into other hobbies.

SVC Chaos

The first game that I got was SNK vs Capcom: Chaos (or as the front cover reads- SVC Chaos- SNK vs. Capcom, which happens to be an arcade port), It’s a very good fighting game, being part of the “Capcom Vs.” series, though I reckon the ones featuring the “X-Men vs. Capcom”‘s characters are more sought after and for good reason. Slick Gaming wrote a piece about the “Capcom Vs.” series in his Worth Playing: Part 8 post. And he sure is right about the quality and worth…ness? Worth…hood? Ah. He sure is right about the quality and worth of these games. I find Hugo very intimidating in size and look though, and that attack where he rushes makes me feel a bit frightened to be honest. It’s awesome to be able to play as Zero from the newer installments, as well as Red Arremer from Gargoyle’s Quest,SC 2

Soul Calibur II is a sequel to the first game for the Sega Dreamcast, and a good one at that. The only draw is that you get some Tekken dude instead for Link as you get in the Gamecube version, and Spawn in the Xbox version, which is a tad dissapointing. Otherwise it looks and plays the same, and I really like this armed-combat fighting game. It’s just as fun as I remember it being back when it came out, and is a balanced game. Not that I’m particularly good at it, but it still manages to be fun even considering that.

LOTR My, this is uncomfortable, a game with a cover in a foreign language! It’s in Swedish, which isn’t foreign to me, and it’s supposed to be Lord of the Rings: Return of The King. I remember playing it on a demo stand back when it came out and I was really into the Lord of the Rings movies and books and I liked it a lot. I loved being able to play the battle at Helm’s Deep and didn’t find the mechanics to be lacking at a glance. Now, however, I’m getting my ass kicked since I find the controls and such to be a bit difficult to master, and I lost almost all my health fighting off filthy Orcs who sometimes hit me off screen. All in all it’s a fun game and not too terrible, and if you’re a fan you’re going to enjoy it.

R2RBThe first time I played Ready 2 Rumble Boxing was on a demo stand just after the Sega Dreamcast came out over here, and I thought it was hilarious and fun. When I saw this sold for nothing I grabbed it, and it turns out to be a fun game. Maybe not as great as Rocky for the PS2 and the GCN but still good enough given it’s light hearted atmosphere. Now Rocky is a great boxing game, I remember how fun we had yelling to the other to stop using alternating high and low hooks to destroy one’s boxer, when they managed to get into the correct distance that is. I also remember how they tried to persuade you to buy the movies too.  You could read “Buy the movies. Play the game.” or something like that. My brother got our copy of the game for the Gamecube, and I think I’d like to get one of my own too in the future.


This game is so good. 1945 I & II is a port of the arcade games with the same name. It’s a vertical shooter which can get really intense, and is best enjoyed with some friends. That’s not to say that it’s very fun when played alone too! You choose from several planes with different attack types and upgrades, as well as “Bombs“, or “Special Attacks“, if you will. I’ve noticed how much noise these early discs make when inserted into my Playstation 2 Slim, you know, those with the blue side. I wonder why?



Next game is Half-Life. Can you see those annoying Void stickers? I really dislike them! I’m going to check out how to get rid of them, Goo Gone doesn’t work that well, and scraping them off with put a lot of flimsy material on your fingers which is really annoying. It’s admirable that they made a PS2 port with a new Co-Op story exclusive to the system, but it works so-so and the beginning of that story is thick to get through. You control two different scientist women who are thrown in the middle of the mayhem that erupts around Morgan Freeman… eh, I mean Gordon Freeman, excuse me. My brother and I stopped playing because it was so frickin’ difficult, and we had a hard time, losing more than half our health bars each against one of those multi-ocular bulldog creatures- and that frustration just isn’t worth. Forget auto-aim, there is no noticeable thing like that in this game. And imagine moving around trying to hit small creatures with your crowbar, man, you’re in for a treat. This game plays much better with a mouse, and is together with Age of Empires 2 a good reason to get one. Though I don’t really know if it supports a keyboard and mouse, I’ve got to check it out.


Marvel Ultimate 2Last but not least we have Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 2. It’s an enjoyable game with a Co-Op mode, and controls pretty well. I usually used Iron Man, as he could fly, and Spider Man who swings on his spider webs and basically flies through doing so as well. Wolverine was strong but clunky, slow and lacked any immediate range attacks, but since you could choose between one out of four heroes it didn’t matter that much. All in all it’s a fun but repetitive beat-em-up (as most games from that genre can be) and worth a couple of bucks if you run across a copy.