Now Playing: Boxing the Stars In The Tropics: Round 2


I was playing Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2 for the Playstation 2 (which is entertaining to say the least) when I was pitted against Michael Jackson as a boxer.

Michael Jackson as a boxer.

Michael Jackson as a boxer.

Michael Jackson as a boxer.

That’s hardcore badassery right there. I have to unlock that man, and that STAT! Apparently this is how you should do it:

At the main menu, highlight the “Arcade” option, then press LEFT 2 times, RIGHT 2 times, LEFT, RIGHT, L+R to get Michael Jackson. You’ll hear a cheering noise if entered correctly. Source: IGN


You can also unlock Shaquille O’ Neal using a similar code. I’ll unlock Michael Jackson and only use him and no one else.

Ready 2 Moonwalk      By: The Martian Oddity

Where there’s M.J.,to others I’ll say nay.

He appeared in Moonwalker,

rescued kids, danced baddies to death, and wasn’t much of a talker.

Years later when the Genesis was dead,

even in Brazil!, he appeared in Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Round 2 instead.

I boxed his face black and bruised,

filled with regret, I should’ve instead a Moonwalk used.

That’s more of his language proper,

What I did was totally a showstopper.

Now I’ll have to unlock The King of Pop and remove the tether,

press left two times, right two times, left right and L and R together,

Then I’ll be able to stop being upset,

and Moonwalk with Michael into the sunset.

Startropics 1

And then some Startropics for the NES! I’m at the 3rd (?) level where you’re stranded. I finished the hellish dungeon where ostriches with human skulls are chasing you around. Then I was subjected to a very irritating dungeon as soon as I woke up on the shore, and from this point onwards the difficulty racks up very fast, in the usual NES game way. And it’s frustrating as hell! And the images from my CRT TV suck as I don’t know why they’d show these lines when they haven’t done that before. Oh, well.

Anyhow I exit that dungeon to reach the locals, and walk up to the dude, presumably the Chief of the village of Miracola, who says:Startropics 2

That’s hilaruous. He got me!Startropics 3Also I dig the Pause screen, which shows your character holding a sign saying “Pause”. That’s fun!



One thought on “Now Playing: Boxing the Stars In The Tropics: Round 2

  1. Ready to Rumble boxing games were incredible. I remember playing on the Dreamcast. MJ as a character is great as well! Huge fan of the guy (not what he did with his personal life, but music wise is phenomenal!). I need to start playing some older games hah!

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