Wario Land 4 Weirdness

I was playing Wario Land 4 when I got to that Music Gallery or whatever, and I saw some real weirdness á la Wario Ware going on to the right.

weird wario 1

There are a few CD’s you can collect throughout the stages, some more easily and some with more diffciculty. Needless to say I only got those that happened to be in my way. Well, let’s analyze some of the oddballs you can see right where Wario is in the screenshot above, and remember that they’re animated, sometimes in an even more odd way.

weird wario 6Nerdy Wario: This is probably some awesome staff member weird wario 5who cosplays as Wario. And incidentally this is the only odd, and awesome, image that I’ll show both animations of. It resembles some kind of alternate universe Wario… a Wario that’s sophisticated. Brains over brawns!

weird wario 10


Weird… Panther?: What is this? It smiles and it’s eyes bulge out… it looks kind but looks like a predator of sorts. It’s your friend I presume, but what is he doing here?


weird wario 9Space Dude:Why is he here? Is that a space helmet or is it a television he has put over his head? I don’t like his face one bit. There’s some Backpfeifengesicht going on over here.


weird wario 8

Labrador: It’s just a plain dog. And it’s cute enough to earn it’s place.




weird wario 4Anonymous Dude: Then there’s this dude, I think it might be weird wario 7related to that cat that follows you around or something, you know, the one who helps you fight the bosses using the weapons you get from your mini game coins. And he even has two different animated pictures.

weird wario 3Strawberry: It is what it looks like, a plain and boring strawberry. And it’s weird as heck.



Rockin’ Baby: Then there’s this oneweird wario 2 that freaks me out the most. It’s a baby, or a doll maybe, that has a creepy look to it’s face. It has that look that says “I know.“. What does it know? Do I need to be afraid? Who is that baby? Where are its parents? Why is it here?



2 thoughts on “Wario Land 4 Weirdness

    • Space dude is mighty weird! It’s fun how the Wario team adds weird things like this into their games. Like all those noses the staff drew as their avatar picture in the credits section in Game & Wario.


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