Game Hunting: Gun Down That Disguised Bionic Box

This time I’ve got a good few games from different platforms and from different places. They were all scored for a good deal and are games I’ve been looking at for a while. Let’s get started with the first game.

GUNI got this game as a last-minute bid at Tradera, our equivalent of Ebay (incidentally it is owned by none other than Ebay). Gun is a first person shooter set in a Western Setting, and that’s why I bought it. It has raked in decent reviews as well. I love gaming on the Gamecube, and seeing this game for a low price warranted a purchase from my part, I just couldn’t let this lovely game pass. Also. that cover is just magnificently cool!

BoxxleThen I got this game from Ebay UK. I tried to win it in a bid at Tradera, but some jerk bidded way higher than this game one is worth. Swedes have themselves to blame for inflating the prices on these games, even for those that aren’t even from this region (SCN, for Scandinavia). Boxxle is a Sokoban puzzle clone where you control some dude that solves some puzzles through pushing around boxes to cover some dots, or switches, if you will. While I played the PC version as a kid, where the dude had a bandanna and had huge eyes, and had a level shaped like the manji sign of the sun (but which I incorrectly translated as the slightly different Swastica sign which is mirrored and has no angle and deduced that the game was produced by Nazi’s). In this one you control some typical dude with a cap and there’s this shallow story where you meet a girl and want to give her a gift. What that has to do with using both mental and physical force to push around wooden crates is beyond me.


This is yet another game I owned as a kid, and I remember it being hard as balls. I had to get Bionic Commando when I saw it listed for 10 £ at Ebay UK, as it’s usually listed for anything between 15-20 £ usually. I guess video game prices go up and down corresponding to popularity and such- since the other copies for offer were a bit cheaper over all. While I managed to clear three levels as a kid I’m considerably better nowadays, but that doesn’t mean that Bionic Commando is a cakewalk, no, it’s still as hard as a bionic penis at the International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo.

Wario DisguiseWhat’s a Game Hunting post without some “It’s Wario time! Wahahahaha!“. I’m starting to get closer to complete my Wario collection, and am missing only a few (but I won’t get that Virtual Boy Wario Land as I don’t want a Virtual Boy at all. But for the right price…). This game seemed really fun and only cost around 5£ which is why I got it. It controls differently than what’s convention thus far in the franchise, and you can use both the D-pad or the A,B,X and Y buttons to move Wario around. For actions such as tackling and such you have to use the stylus; while taking a few minutes to get used to it blends in well with the rest of the elements of the game, such as how you’re supposed to draw the disguises on Wario. While only neccessary to show off the quirks of the Nintendo DS system, it manages to be fun never the less.

Yet another game we owned as a kid, and a decent fighting game for the Nintendo 64, I DRhad to get Dark Rift for what I consider a symbolic sum, It’s quite difficult and I can’t fathom how we were able to best the opponents as kids. This is the first released fighting game for the Nintendo 64, and I wouldn’t really recommend it if you lack nostalgia for it, as it’d drive you nuts otherwise. I mean, we have games like Street Fighter 2 and 4 and the likes to thank for that- but if you’re curious to try it out I wouldn’t think it’d be a bad idea since it’s so cheap to get.


6 thoughts on “Game Hunting: Gun Down That Disguised Bionic Box

    • With a mix of patience, research and diligently checking my favorite online sources and flea markets. 😀
      Bidding online is also a good way of getting stuff cheap, though it may get out of hand if one isn’t careful enough.


      • Yeah I’ve done the bidding thing, but I’m kind of done finding rare games. The last of my collection of old rare games may stop at Xenosaga III. That thing… Overpaid for it, but I have ALL of it now. One day I’ll start playing the entire series. I’ve played the first one a couple times, but never touched the 2nd or 3rd.

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      • The only truly rare game that I’m looking for, and that’s expensive, is Mega Man X Collection for the Gamecube. Most games I buy tend to be for newer consoles after all.


      • HAH, I LUCKILY found that when it was a little cheaper. I believe I have the GameCube version and not the PS2 one. It was hard to find, but I bought it from a gamestop that was nearly 30 miles away from me.

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      • Yeah, some expensive games I got that way too, and that’s sweet!
        Luck is also a huge factor when it comes to game hunting. Being at the right place (site or store) at the right time.

        Congrats for owning MMX Collection! 😄

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